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@Nathanial B. The compose message feature doesn't seem to allow entering the message's body text. This seems to happen sporadically and differs depending on how you access the messaging feature, but I'll give the steps that seems to reproduce it the most often.

To reproduce:

  1. Visit the staff directory.
  2. Click "Message" on one of the administrators or myself.
  3. The message box that appears should be missing the field to enter body text.

This happens if you go through the message icon at the top-right of the page as well, unless you're viewing a thread. I'm not exactly sure why.

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Also, if you click on a person's total reputation then message, same thing happens


Clicking on the profile as normal, then message will load the text box as normal

Even clicking on the profile, then clicking on their rep will still load the text as normal

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These are bugs in the forum software (I verified this by visiting Invision's official forums and replicating the problems), I'll notify IPS. I found a bug in the admin panel before the forums launched publicly. It took a couple of days to get a response from them, but they fixed it directly on our end and told me they would release a patch publicly in the next release.

I also found another bug in the ACP just now (and with the gender profile setting) so I'll include this all in one go.

Thanks for the heads up @Connor Krammer and @GreatP3nguin!

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