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So guys I was wondering... with the release of muvluv on the psvita and the localization it got on steam along with the kickstarter project that is still going on with localizing muv luv photon melodies and flowers, do you think we will ever get (chronicles / total eclipse / schwarzesmarken / altered fable / supplement) on english in platforms like ps4/psvita/nintendo switch/Steam?? id love to see those on english!

Also ive seen that with the release of exogularity theyre looking forward to continuing the main saga, do you think we will ever see light of that project in english too?? Im eager to find out more in the next months when they finish the localizations!! and ifthey make another kickstarter im for SURE going to join this time :D

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But Altered Fable and Supplement are a part of Phonflowers and Photonmelodies you know.

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