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Physical Rewards and Shipping Status

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We're almost there everyone, just a bit more until the physical rewards are sent!

  1. Once PQube produced the PS Vita cartridges*, they'll send the copies to the company handling the production of PC DVDs, Kickstarter Collector's Boxes**, Kickstarter artbook, and OST.
  2. The aforementioned company will also assemble the Collector's boxes before sending it to TOM. 
  3. Lastly, TOM will be doing the final packaging and shipping to backers’ doorsteps.
  4. The CODEX is already completed, and will be printed very soon.

*PQube will only produce a finite number of units, enough to justify our partnership and for them to recoup the manufacturing costs.

**Rice Digital's collector's box is different from the Kickstarter's $150 collector's box. The Kickstarter Collector's Boxes doesn't have any ratings on the cover designs. The ratings only applies to PS Vita cases, and which are assigned accordingly to the region where backers live. Ex: EU/UK will automatically receive PEGI rated VIta cases, while non-EU/UK will get ESRB.

**While the $80 Kickstarter physical bundle isn't purely exclusive, Backers still get an extra digital download along with their pledges.

Please keep your recipient name, shipping address, telephone number up-to-date in BackerKit

  • Contact us at if you need to change your shipping country, or if you've lost your personal BackerKit link.
  • Please don't share your personal BackerKit link with anyone!
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