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Finally got to read the whole thing

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And I've come to the conclusion that it's a toss-up for the best girl - Tsukuyomi Mana or Kouzuki Yuuko.

Also, while reading Alternative I realized I had heard Suzumiya Akane's voice somewhere before.  It's Matsushima Michiru from the Grisaia games (I'm sure I'm late to the party on that one).  It was her "flustered" lines that gave it away for me - pretty adorable.

I saw a bunch of "man, causality conductor explanation was wrapped up too fast" comments around - but the foreshadowing was there for freakin' ever and I'm amazed that so many people apparently didn't catch on.  I do kind of agree that the final chapter feels a bit too quick, though.

Something else - I get that some scenes are meant to have more impact and so the pacing seems like it should be controlled by the writer... but, damn it, I read hella fast and when you make me sit through twenty minutes of exposition it kind of pisses me off.  Not to mention that I'm not sure where I have to pick up for the unlocks so I'm thinking I'm going to have to sit through those scenes four more times....

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