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Muv-Luv Alternative auto-read bugs

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I'll edit this post with issues as I see them.

During the Coup d'Etat Arc, there is a line while Major Walken is explaining the plan regarding the negotiations with the rebels where 4 groups of people respond with "Copy that!". I don't know if it's the audio clip being too long or what, but the auto read didn't continue for a weirdly long time (like 6 seconds) after that line. It's specifically after Walken says "Also, in order to prevent information leakage, no data linking will be permitted during this operation. Remember that our success will depend upon your ability to make rational judgments for yourselves. I expect only the best fro each and every one of you.".

After further reading, it looks like most lines where several groups of people are saying the same thing at the same time stay up longer than they should. The auto read might be going through each line individually even though they're identical. 


A second bug I've now found is that after the Coup d'Etat speech and the commissioning letter, the auto read is disabled. I understand these parts were cutscenes in the original release, so it probably has something to do with that. Auto read works during these scenes, but the line immediately after the speeches, the auto-read ends. 


Another one now: During the second part of the equipment evaluation, right around the line "[UN Surface Pilot 2]-Shark 1, copy that. Just make it quick.", the game does not continue on auto-read. I had to manually continue the game a couple times in the few lines after the quoted line. After the action sequences, before the music starts up again the auto read stops again a couple times.


I suppose I've skipped over a really obvious one, actually. The auto-read function still advances one more page after you turn it off. It should advance immediately after clicking (turning off auto-read simultaneously), or just stop. The delayed action isn't great functionality.

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