[MAJOR SPOILERS] Do You Wanna Fight The BETA? (And more Muv-Luv videos)

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Apparently I haven't posted this here before?
Back in 2014, when Frozen was (perhaps unnecessarily) super popular and shortly after I had finished the trilogy, Sasha/Sachibelle and I collaborated to make Do You Wanna Fight The BETA?, a parody of Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

I've also made two other Muv-Luv videos purely by myself, and both of them are pretty satirical, almost intentionally cringeworthy. This one (Spoilers only for Extra), is especially satirical, given that I don't like Sumika or Taylor Swift 8D
And this one (spoilers for Alternative) is, I suppose, more focused on gallows humor.

Neither one of those last two are particularly great, definitely not my best work, but all three of these were really fun to make. I hope you enjoy them c:

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No stretch of the imagination coming from a super fan you two are my heroes. Ayu mayu this and a certain MAD i found on nicovideo is like the only healing i have had after Alternative it was greatly appreciated great voice and the lyrics were very clever.

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