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Nakama-tachi yo, sitrep on the new event:


Another one of those silly idol competition deals. Item collection instead of outright points, though it's just one item type being idol magazines. Problem is they had to make things complicated as you had to bank-in the magazines you collected to whichever of the three idols which BTW are the new gacha exclusive SSRs instead of buying the stuff you want outright:S:S:S.

As for the missions/quest themselves, recommended using Power or Despair shield & blade types. Blade types get bonus damage. Hell mode is again insane & impossible for me as you'll be swarmed by heavily armored shield types & my team is still not strong enough to tackle them on my own. Bonus attribute pilots are Power Iyo & Katia/Ursula, again.

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Some older SSRs of the featured 207C girls seem to have boosts as well (only have one so...) Haven't tried the missions yet because I was distracted by this:


I always did want Inghild so I'm happy. Not really interested in the 2 others but I don't have either plus I did end up regretting not buying the past available SSRs back then (like Valentine Bea) so I bought all of them anyway. Back to saving...

Odd TSFs again...guessing they have custom WIN animations like usual? 

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Check changelog for definitive event bonus information. There are 4 categories of bonuses.

Type A: Event-limited gacha bonuses. 

New banner girls 

Type B:  Event bonuses for last event. 

Raphael and Takemikazuchi

Type C: Event bonuses from past events. 

Old banner girls (roughly) 

Type D: Continual Bonuses. 


When you use type B and C as support, they do not increase drop rate, rainbow rate, or points gathering amount, it only boosts damage by a little. 

Only As and Ds get the full array of benefits, so make sure to choose these when available.

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