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Any chance Degica can license Eushully games?

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(I'm not sure if Degica does surveys for what to license or where to send feedback so I posted this here).

So I've been googling this and it seems that the web's opinion is Eushully won't likely partner with Sekai (reasons unknown) or Mangagamer (due to partnership with Alicesoft). I filled out Mangagamer's 2017 survey anyway. I know Degica has some RPGs and games under their site. Eushully makes gameplay oriented Adult VNs and I really enjoyed Kamidori Alchemy Meister. Kamidori Alchemy Meister was far superior to the Fire Emblems available of the time. I learned today there will be a new game in the Meister series by Eushully coming out in 2017. (also I don't care if it is all ages). Any chance Degica could license/kickstarter this?

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