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Leaving this here in case it might interest some of you.


Twitter : diesirae_steam


If you're familiar with the medium, Dies irae might ring a bell as it's become a classic in its particular themes for a number of initiates being able to read in Japanese. We now have the opportunity to read this in English and indulge in its unique experience.

To summarize things quite a bit, this is an urban fantasy battle themed visual novel but I suggest taking a look at the Kickstarter description at the very least if this sounds intriguing to you, it'll do a better job at giving you more context than whatever I can type right now.


With that being said, enjoy these two videos as well ;)


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To add, here's the translation of the prologue (which does a good show of what the VN will be about), and here a promotion movie if you have far less time.

I already backed. Besides that, perhaps add that Dies Irae has planned an anime adaptation for 2017, and that the VN itself is renowned as being possibly the hardest one to translate from the whole spectrum of Japanese Visual novels. If we manage to get it, we can get anything!

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I'm surprised the campaign went over 100k. The PR has been absolutely abysmal, as well as the general layout of the KS. The higher tiers are not worth and 3 updates since the start ( No Daki's, Tapestries etc). The translators themselves seem to be doing a better job of promoting the KS. The stretch goals.... meh :P 

With many successful KS's for Visual novels, i was expecting the peeps behind it to message others for advice.

Meh, i thought this looked pretty good before the campaign started! ^^ 

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