Creation of Human Forces

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Creation of Human Forces. Huh?

Yes, fear not fellow eichi, commanders and such. This is a new thread that I felt would be appropriate instead of filling up the other one. This one will be my modeling work as the other one will be more about rules and such.

With that, lets start. First up is a 1/144 scale AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. After some research, I found that this best fits the C model. The kit is from Zvezda and it's a bit finicky but decent model when it's built RIGHT! Instructions must be followed CAREFULLY to build this kit right. That and be careful NOT to force any of the parts together. The plastic is soft.

With it built, it be onto painting but not now. I must drown my sorrow for Navy lost to Army.


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And it's done! Onto my TSFs until the first of the vehicles arrive sometime this week.





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