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Director's Cut Patch Installation Instructions

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Director's Cut patch installation guide:

  1. Install Muv-Luv on Steam.
  2. Start Muv-Luv once, then close it afterward.
  3. If you are a backer:
    • just simply download the 2018 Director's Cut patches part one and two on BackerKit, and follow the instructions written there.
    • Alternatively, you can use the Denpasoft 100% discount code (also in BackerKit) and download the patch in full.
  4. If you're not a backer and haven't purchased the patch:
  5. If you own the original AppID version and already have the patch:
    • Please wait for further announcements until Valve figures out a solution for the AppID issue. Do not download the new patch version because it will not work with the original AppID.
  6. Extract the files and install the patch.
  7. You should be able to check if the patch is working when you see a difference from the early CG in-game below:e1563bdc31.jpg

P.S. If windows extractor and 7zip doesn't work, use WinRAR instead.

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