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So I'm starting to design a Muv-Luv Choose Your Own Adventure (have a look at /r/makeyourchoice on reddit if you don't know what I'm referring to). To make it accurate to the lore and theme I have a couple questions.
First off, does anyone know what the main fonts used in the trailers, art, merchandise etc. are called? If they are hand drawn does anyone have any suggestions for similar styled fonts?
Second question, has it ever been clarified how young the conscription/enlistment age has been lowered by the time of MLU/MLA?

Edit: One more thing are there any maps like the one attached that go past 1996?


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You'll probably find this link very helpful, as it has the various maps and a plethora of other interesting info.
 In that same page it also comments on the draft age. By the time of MLA we know that the draft age for woman in 16 years old, while the one for men it's likely the same or even lower (I am not so sure, but if you force me to say a number I'll say 14 years old; by the time of the Invasion Japan is completely desperate on all levels).

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