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I just have a couple of questions about the Master OST Collection reward. I hadn't given it much thought before (I thought it was just going to be a compilation of the CDs already available), but now that I'm playing through the game and noticing new bgm tracks and a new opening song, I just wanted to know if the collection is going to have all of the new tracks in it. Also, though I haven't finished the game yet, I've noticed one track, Warudakumi, is missing in places where it played in the original VNs and replaced with new tracks. If they were removed from this new version, are those tracks still going to be included in the Master OST Collection?

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This is also relevant to my interests pastiches were a large part of Muv-Luvs enjoyment for me being a love letter and all. It got me to seek out Starship Troopers and watch Gunbusters among many others so pastiches like this and Stand a chance for Big O along with Meiya's theme that also pastiches Gunbusters is highly important to license and has a lot of creativity to make them unique and great on their own.

I would have prefered the remaining kickstarter money went towards something like this and the references if it was gonna be an issue but something like Warudakumi however i'm okay with. I also heard there's a second track missing which i have a feeling might be the Evangelion one.

But i have been holding out for a full reference list of pastiches and such because some haven't been noticed by the fanbase as of yet which is one of my passions. If us backers could at least get this unofficially this would be grand and it would be cool if you worked it in so we could have the original sound track as well.



Muv-Luv changed my life and made me look at anime/manga virtually different i wouldn't have the large list of anywhere near 1300 watched if Muv-Luv wasn't in my life so it's very important to me as i imagine it is to others as well. It's a large part of the reason why there's a loyal fanbase to this day.


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