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So after signing up, I got an influx of emails from Kickstarter in general, and didn't really look too hard at some of them.  I just realized that backerkit was for more than just physical goods, so I never completed the survey that got sent my way.

Instead of immediately giving up on it and resorting to purchasing a copy tomorrow, I figured I'd confirm it since it's all kinda confusing:  Am I out of luck if I never completed my Backerkit Survey?

EDIT: I suppose I should clarify that I backed at the $60 digital only level, so I should only be receiving digital goods.  Not sure if that helps my case at all or not.

EDIT2: I was contacted by the staff with an applicable backerkit link.  Not sure how they did it, or if it was on it's way already or not, but everything worked out.  Thanks guys!

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You are not the only one. I did the survey, and thought I was getting the $35 dollar pledge tier. However, it shows that I'm only $1? I was really confused by the process since in the survey it seemed like all I could pick were add-ons.

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