Did editing the survey affect early Gift Bags?

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Yeah I was wondering if me editing/updating the Backer Survey options on my other reward's questions after the Early Gift Bag cut-off date bumped me off from getting the Gift Bag early?

I previously picked the Early Gift Bag option before it's cut-off but when the Backerkit itselfs end date got closer I edited some of my other question answers.

I'm pretty sure after I did that it maintained me having the Early Gift Bag option since I saw it still had that as my answer but seeing it's been about a week since they were sent out to everyone else and I haven't even gotten an email or anything saying mine was sent out I'm curious about what happened.

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Do you live outside of the US? If so bags will be sent later.

If you live in the US, please contact muvluv@degica.com to clarify your situation.

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