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Better Late than Never

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself and talk a little about what I like. I became a fan of Muv Luv due to my previous exposure to mecha and in part to Baldr Sky. I am a movie that loves to have conversations and discussions with friends and families about the merits and flaws in audiovisual media. My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and the Fifth Element. I am also a fan of philosophy and literature, specially in existentialism, Neo-Platonism and phenomenology. Outside of the realm of literature, I love quality clothing, specially Japanese repro brands like Real Mccoys and Buzz Rickson and I am enjoy quality constructed footwear like welted boots or dressy shoes. I also love drinking craft beer and bourbon. My favorite styles of beers are malty beers (bocks, stouts, porters, scottish) and my go to brand of bourbon is Four Roses Single Barrel and Evan Single Barrel (The best value in Bourbon, period). 

But I also love to indulge in binge watching anime, good and bad. My favorite being Fate/Zero and my worst being Guilty Crown (good God if that anime is not the avatar of a polished turd). My favorite ongoing series is the To Aru Majutsu series with spin-offs. I also have a bad habit of binge reading VN's in my free time, being particularly hard in NSFW hours. I am a sucker for romcom visual novels, you could say it's a guilty pleasure, but I am not ashamed to admit it so yeah not so guilty. As long as the protagonist in the novel is likable, then we can set sail. I have particular fetishes I like in certain genres of visual novels and I have some I really dislike. I do not feel open enough to tell you about my fetishes and favorite genres, but I feel open enough to tell you what I dislike. I cannot tolerate NTR, heavy humilation, rape or tentacle stuff. Basically again, if the protagonist is a piece of shit chances are I am not going to be a fan.

So I think on hindsight, this might have being to much for an intro but again, it is to show you who I am and where I come from. So thank you and let's all have a wonderful community. 

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