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5 hours ago, cabfe said:

I don't know how much of this is true, although believable, but I've heard that software prices were low in Russia because piracy was widespread.

This is just an attempt at reducing the number of pirated copies in circulation. If a game is cheap, people often don't bother downloading a dubious version and buy the original product instead.

 That is indeed true, specially for both Russia and China (which as you see in both cases are the two countries in which is it cheaper).

Now, @FaceEater, you seem to miss 2 things: first is that economy does not mean the money a layman has. Second, comparing Fallout 4 to a VN (or even any kind of niche game) is bogus, like comparing a whale with plankton just because both are sea animals. The reason is in the market:

Fallout 4 has a worldwide shipment of 12 million units. That's the population of a small country. Clannad can be happy if it reaches 10.000 units. Fallout gives literally 0 f*cks for the South American, Middle Eastern, African and Far Eastern (not Japan-China-South korea) Market. What they got there? 20.000, maybe 50.000 extra sales? Practically 0 for them, it's not worth it to even try it. Clannad however not only wants to be profitable, but also expand the VN market which as you should know is a niche within the niche of a niche. I agree that some of the prices seem a tad excessive(the Norwegian price is strange, given that they tend to be richer per capita than the mean of the eurozone, and SP is clearly betting on Indians, which is something I never seen before), but the fundamental is that Fallout doesn't care about the small markets while Clannad can't afford to not care: they are fighting for each sale. And the proof is that in the 2 biggest markets besides USA and Europe (Russia and Xina) both are similarly cheaper: when Bethesda has to care the result is the same that for Clannad.

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