Any advice on starting with Visual Novels?

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Gonna throw out some noise here -

I really liked Yumina the Etherial - the story is pretty cool, though it has the obligatory "sex sells" scenes they certainly don't predominate, and it has a dungeon crawler/turn-based battle mechanic which is simple enough that it's not "intimidating" but complex enough to be interesting if you want to "nerd out" on it.

I also enjoyed Deus Machina Demonbane - an odd sci-fi/Lovecraft mix setting.  It also has the obligatory sex but again it doesn't predominate the title.  I really enjoyed the soundtrack.

Just finishing up Kindred Spirits on the Roof now - it's a very sweet and light yuri story.  I think it's a fun read even though I'm not really a fan of that corner of the genre (I prefer more action/adventure type stories) and though there are "sex scenes" where the text is moderately graphic the art is technically "rated R" (by U.S. standards, not quite tame enough for television but no full frontal nudity - boobs but no bush).  Of course, there's a very light supernatural element, too.

School Days/Shiny Days (liked Shiny better - protag is generally less douchy in it) were good stories with the added element that they're full-motion animated titles.  Think "interactive anime."  You watch the show, then a choice pops up - you have like 15 seconds to pick, so your options are generally A, B, or no choice (just wait) and the video picks up from the choice.  These titles have a TON of branches and getting to all endings will take a while and they're on the order of 5~8 hours for each route front to end if you don't skip.

Might throw some more static later - at work and don't have time to really think about it...


Also - I'm not sure if any of that constitutes "advice...."

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