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  1. Gaming group

    Following this thread: I was wondering if some of you are interested in interacting through chat and possibly even voice chat in real time. Sure, we've assembled for the Luv but this could be an opportunity for some of us to gather in a group and just share our interests as a whole for stuff which is not necessarily Muv-Luv if you're scared about spoilers and such. If you're already part of acommunity, feel free to share your experience as well. This might grant you new members so don't hesitate to promote your friendly groups! Pretty sure this would help out more than a few people ! There are a few solutions should we have our own place and sort of keep to ourselves if that's a big deal. I'm mainly thinking about voice chatting software such as Skype and tools especially built for this kind of purpose such as Slack and Discordbut again, this is open to discussion. Moreso if you've had experience with certain solutions, feedback is important when having to choose something which works for everyone and is convenient enough. Anyway, thanks forreading this regardless ! On to you guys !