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  1. Dies irae VN Kickstarter

    Leaving this here in case it might interest some of you. Twitter : diesirae_steam If you're familiar with the medium, Dies irae might ring a bell as it's become a classic in its particular themes for a number of initiatesbeing able to read in Japanese. We now have the opportunity to read this in English and indulge in its unique experience. To summarize things quite a bit, this is an urban fantasy battle themed visual novel but I suggest taking a look at the Kickstarter description at the very least if this sounds intriguing to you, it'll do a better job at giving you more context than whatever I can type right now. Withthat being said, enjoy these two videos as well
  2. Dear fellow TSF pilots, Is your wallet exhausted after the new Beatrix dakimakura? Do you have a beatiful,sinister or just plain funny voice? Then I have good news for you. As you may know, The Letteris an indie horror VN funded via KickStarter, featuring some very interesting technical innovations, such as3D sprites, animated backgrounds and quick time events. Thanks to an anonimous backer's generosity, the game reached its first and most important stretch goal: Voice Acting! Now the developers are looking for voice actors in an open audition. You can read the submission guidelines here: So if you want to earn some money to pay all these Raptors in your BackerKit, you know what to do! Even if you are not interested in voice acting, you can try the free Win/Mac/Linux demo (actually just an alpha version of the first chapter; the game is under heavy development and the quality boost is huge) and read thecharacter profiles in the previous link,including a new playable character (Marianne) that doesn't show in the main page due to KS technical limitations. Cheers! UPDATE 1 (January 15): Calling all female TSF Pilots! Thank you for your support! Many brave soldiers coming from the BETA battlefront are helping to make The Letter VA a dream come true. But, right now, there are many more male than female volunteers... Since The Letter has many female characters, let's follow the valiant example of (included but not limited to)Sumika Kagami,Meiya Mitsurugi,Kei Ayamine,Marimo Jinguuji,Kasumi Yashiro,Mitsuki Hayase,Haruko Kashiwagi,Irisdina Bernhard,Beatrix Brehme,Tsukuyomi Mana (my waifu) and, of course, @Klashvornsweetheart and fan-favourite... Koubuin Yuuhi! So, if you are one our intrepid female TSF pilots, join The Letter acting cast and become the voice of Isabella, Rebecca, Hannah or Marianne! And if not, but your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, niece or whatever has a lovely voice, she can be a voice actress, too! The submissions guidelines are here: Remember... The deadline is February 14th!
  3. Not much to say. Today the VN opening for Schwarzesmarken's first part has been released. Personally I think that choosing fripside for the song was a mistake, specially as everything I've heard put Schwarzesmarken as even darker than Alternative and the Day After, and even the OP leaves that much clear. It's not bad, but it could be better. Still, the rest looks as amazing as ever. Probably one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. Hopefully we can have it without having to wait 5 years.