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  1. I was thinking of buying the Vita games, but... Pqube site only ships to a handful of countries outside EU only ships to EU does ship games to my country, but PQube doesn't allow it for the MuvLuv games. Does anyone knows any other places to buy the games?
  2. Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with you guys since November 2016 about this, but never gotten any reponse... I tried to send a PM through Kickstarter, no answer, left a comment on 2-3 Muv-Luv Kickstarter updates, no answer, sent a message through Backerkit, no answer, sent a message through Degica e-mail, no answer. I am not sure why I am being ignored, basically all I wanted to do was add a Collector's Edition of the PS Vita version as an Add-On through backerkit, but I am guessing for some reason it's not possible? If that is not possible, what about this, could you change the reward circled in red here: From "physical PC DVDs" to "physical PS Vita Cartridges". Would that be possible, PLEASE?
  3. Hello, I backed the $60 Vita version on kickstarter, but since it is taking quiete a while for the version to come out I thought about switching to the PC versions. I sent a message on kickstarter about a week ago, but I figured that you probably are not paying attention to that website in favor of the forum anymore. I hope you can help me. edit: the email address I used to sign up for this forum is the same as my kickstarter address.
  4. So I emailed the team about getting the game. They sent me back a working link to donate. I donated $1 and now I see the backerkit site. I'm at Add-ons but it says "There is nothing here." Do I have to wait a certain amount of time? All I want is a physical copy for Vita. Thanks for the help. EDIT: Nevermind. I had to Upgrade my Pledge. I signed up for a signed box Vita version + an extra Vita version for my collection. Thanks again!
  5. If you have more than one Collector's Box (either because you bought them as add-ons or you chose them instead the usual extra gift bags and plushies from Maxima Alter's Gift), are they all automatically upgraded to PC andPS Vita if you get the 80$ Collector's Box Upgrade? I ask this because you CAN'T buy more than one Collector's Box Upgrade. Is this intented or justanother BackerKit bug? If intended, does that mean you get all your Collector's Boxes with both versions(PC and Vita) once you upgrade, or there's only one PC/Vita Collector's Box per backer, period? Thank you!
  6. A few of them. I pledged 400 USD + shipping, for clarification. SOLVED (first reply)I assume digital copies of Photonflowers and Photonmelodies are included? They're not listed with the other pledge level items when doing the backerkit. SOLVED ( I change my backerkit options at any time I wish, before deadlines? How or when will the Vita version (digital) region be decided? I'm in Europe, but would like an NA copy. Will there be two separate electrical invoices received beforehand, if I choose to ship the gift bag et cetera earlier than the rest of the items? I assume the value of the gift bag + shipping will be reduced from the final invoice? Thanks in advance.
  7. I have been avoiding reading into Muv-Luv to hold off for the western release, but I am under the impression that the content can be quite graphic both violently and sexually. The previousreleases were rated as high as 18+. What canwe expect to see with regards to ratings and censorship in either the western releases (PC or Vita)? I would prefer if the rating stayed high and censoring could be turned on/off as an option.
  8. Hello! I've pledged for the $220 tier, but want to make sure I understand how to indicate I want the Vita physical collector's box. Do I do this after the kickstarter ends via backerkit, or is there something I need to do before it ends? Thank you!