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  1. Hello all, Today through Sunday I am streaming for Extra Life, an event for charity where I stream for 24 hours to raise money for hospitals, specifically a children's hospital in my state. I am not only streaming games, but will also be making an entire rpg game (demo probably) in the 24 hours. As you may know Degica also publishes RPGMaker, so it would be a good chance for you to look at the new RPGMaker MV!! Please stop by my stream to hang out and chat! I'll be accepting donations towards my goal of $500 and beyond (donations are tax deductible in the United States!) and help me raise money for the kids at Riley Hospital for Children! Last year I was able to raise $500 thanks to many generous donations. I'll wear a kigurumi at $50! I'll be doing some "stretch" goals that may involve free art and rpgmaker assets. I'll have a webcam set up so you can see me work. (I'm an artist and was the graphic designer for the Kickstarter campaign images). I'll be repping my Muv-Luv shirt Extra Life page where you can donate: Hirei's Twitch Stream, come by and say hi!