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  1. Hello, I backed the $60 Vita version on kickstarter, but since it is taking quiete a while for the version to come out I thought about switching to the PC versions. I sent a message on kickstarter about a week ago, but I figured that you probably are not paying attention to that website in favor of the forum anymore. I hope you can help me. edit: the email address I used to sign up for this forum is the same as my kickstarter address.
  2. Quick question, will the wallpaper pack be included with the physical release (or any other way for that matter)of the game itself or is it available exclusively to the Steam release?
  3. Since the steam version is all-ages (a.k.a. no happy scenes) I must ask: Is the "Round~ two~" (y‚Ü‚è‚àzuccccƒ‰`ƒEƒ“ƒhEƒgƒD`Iv) ending removed? and the options leading to it?
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  5. Will the steam version run in the same engine as BlackMarks? Want to know 'cause system requirements.
  6. I have been avoiding reading into Muv-Luv to hold off for the western release, but I am under the impression that the content can be quite graphic both violently and sexually. The previousreleases were rated as high as 18+. What canwe expect to see with regards to ratings and censorship in either the western releases (PC or Vita)? I would prefer if the rating stayed high and censoring could be turned on/off as an option.