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  1. Hmm, so I was just reading the Muv-Luv wiki about all the connections Extra has to Unlimited and Alternative, and when I discovered some scenes that implied thatAlternative Takeru was in Extra the whole time, I was initially horrified. You know, because of how Alt. Takeruwas a causality conductor and how hefucked things up in the Extra-verse because of escaping there. But then I realized that many of the effects he had on the Extra-verse simply didn't happen in the original Extra game. One obvious example would be the death of Marimo Jinguuji-sensei, which never happens in Extra, but is a major plot point in Alternative's PTSD arc. I wonder, then, about the true nature of Muv-Luv Extra's world. I know that by Alternative's ending, Extra's world was already being reshaped into the Final Extra we see in the epilogue, so was the original Extra-verse some kind of halfway-house between the Final Extra and the Extra that Alternative Takeru had fucked up? Or is the MuvLuv wiki flat-out wrong about all the scenes suggesting that Alternative Takeru was present during the original Extra timeline? I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks about the true nature of the original Extra-verse.
  2. Halo (may have SPOILERS)

    A sci-fi series wherein humans battle aliens but then shit gets really, really complicated. I'm not the biggest Halo fan (mainly because I don't have an Xbox) but since we're all fans of space opera here, the fandom can knock itself out on this thread.
  3. Well, I'm a huge fan who's played the trilogy over 5 times by now, and there are a lot of interesting parallels that can be drawn between this series and Muv-Luv, (such as a group of machine aliens trying to wipe out all civilization,and a controversial and divisive ending). Also, there's the new Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out in a couple years, that should be fun. Feel free to discuss Mass EffectandMuv Luv, spoilers and all. But remember the one golden rule (admins, plz shut this down if people don't follow it) NO STUPID FLAMEWARS OVER WHICH SERIES IS BETTER! QUALITY IS SUBJECTIVE, EVERYTHING HAS PROS AND CONS, AND WE'RE NOT HERE TO ACT LIKE A BUNCH OF EGOMANIACAL DICKHEADS! THANK YOU!
  4. You know, one thing I always enjoy about stuff I like is remembering specific scenes or dialogue that really stick with you. So I want you guys to discussyour own Muv-Luv highlight reels, regardless of how much of them you've actually played (for instance, my personal experience with the series is pretty much entirely highlight reels). However, keep in mind that I have spoiler-tagged this topicso that no one has to hold back while discussing their favorite Muv-Luv moments, and because personally I don't care much about spoilers. In fact, they allow me to stay interested in shows that I'm unable to access immediately, so i always spoil myself on shows that I want to watch, but for some reason am unable to right away. I'll start with my own highlights. 1. Extra: The opening segment with Takeru and Sumika. I was a little put-off at first by how Takeru was gleefully feeling Sumika up, but things got a lot better as the scenewent on, and the banter and blows between them was quite entertaining. The more tender music that plays at the end when they're having burgers togethergains a lot of poignancy once you take the context of Alternative into account. Age sure has a way of making even the mundane and silly stuff feel so emotional in hindsight. And of course, every scene with Extra's Meiya iscreepy, outrageous, and hilarious. Sometimes all at once. 2. Unlimited: Now, I haven't seen much of this VN, but I did read a bit ofthe manga, and it was quite baffling to me how Takeru tries dealing with the shock of finding himself in a parallel universeby grabbing Meiya's tits! 3. Alternative: Takeru's confrontation with Yokohoma base's guards when he tries to meet Yuuko. You can see the pain and desperation he's feeling because he knows how badly things went in Unlimited, and he wants to stop Alternative V from happening no matter what. When he finds himself back in the Extra-verse and tries to push Sumika away, but she practically cries her way back into his life. You can watch thescene here, it's an absolute gem ( After I found out on what happens later thanks to TVTropes, however....goddamit. And there's the ending, which is about as divisive and polarizing as that of Mass Effect 3. I personally found it rather beautiful in a way that Takeru was finally being released from his ordeal, and being sent back to his true home. No poor soul deserves to go through what he went through, and even if he does forget everything he's done, that doesn't change the fact that he saved humanity. Nothing changes that. On a lighter note, this scene ( should make us all REALLY grateful that the Kickstarter hit the 400k stretch goal. The only reason I'd ever stick withEnglish voice acting like thiswould be to point and laugh at it.