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  1. Will we be sent a digital invoice for each shipment (as in one for the gift bag, one for the rest of the items)? The customs in my country require one, regardless of what is listed on the surface of the package. I noticed the following topic about the goods being priced at production costs. I assume the digital invoice will have the same amounts?
  2. Rewards Shipping

    Since the rewards are "KS only", I don't want them to be lost. Since I'm gonna pay hundreds of USD in taxes (90-100%), I don't want my rewards to be Crushed/Damaged. Since I'm live too far away, I don't want to wait more than 3 months. Of course I don't want Customs opening things and "handling" my girl without me knowing. So, Can the rewards be shipped by EMS if I pay for it?
  3. Hello, What will be the declared value of the reward items, approximately? I pledged for the Superior Collection Type-C reward. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. Customs Concern

    All rewards will be gathered in the US before they're delivered to the rest of the world. Depending on which country you live in, customs tax will be applied to international mail orders. Since backers are receiving rewards for their contribution to the campaign and not actually purchasing products (Kickstarter is not a store), we'll be shipping Muv-Luv rewards with only the production costs tagged instead of the contribution amount. The average production cost is 33% of the rewards cost. Customs tax will increase that by 30%-100% of the production cost, depending on which country you're located in. We suggest contacting your local Bureau of Customs to inquire how much custom taxes may cost. We hope this helps!