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  1. As soon as I saw the size of the box, and because it feels like it's been forever since the campaign started,I made an unboxing video for my YouTube channel. Check it out if that's your thing, and I'll have another video of the Takemikazuchi build sometime next week probably. o7
  2. Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with you guys since November 2016 about this, but never gotten any reponse... I tried to send a PM through Kickstarter, no answer, left a comment on 2-3 Muv-Luv Kickstarter updates, no answer, sent a message through Backerkit, no answer, sent a message through Degica e-mail, no answer. I am not sure why I am being ignored, basically all I wanted to do was add a Collector's Edition of the PS Vita version as an Add-On through backerkit, but I am guessing for some reason it's not possible? If that is not possible, what about this, could you change the reward circled in red here: From "physical PC DVDs" to "physical PS Vita Cartridges". Would that be possible, PLEASE?
  3. Hello, I backed the $60 Vita version on kickstarter, but since it is taking quiete a while for the version to come out I thought about switching to the PC versions. I sent a message on kickstarter about a week ago, but I figured that you probably are not paying attention to that website in favor of the forum anymore. I hope you can help me. edit: the email address I used to sign up for this forum is the same as my kickstarter address.
  4. When I originally backed the only thing I could afford was the $150 physical Vita tier, I could afford the higher tiers or add ons to be able to get the physical codex, physical CD, models, plushie, Dakimakura, and Yuuko's bag (which I luckily ended up winning, but still) with the items of physical CD and physical codex being the 2 I most wanted and still wanted, I want the other things but theseespecially and just couldn't afford to get them at the time so im wondering the chance of getting them sometime in the future outside the campaign or not, like an online pre order store, or online store or paypal for any existing backers who want to upgrade their tier, I would upgrade it to the codex tier or maybe even higher if I could, etc, thank you, I hope you consider this and I'm sorry to ask this so late and at all, I had trouble logging into the forum and was from Internet for awhile.
  5. Digital Codex Question

    So, I just wanted to clarify some details surrounding the Digital version of the Codex that is awarded to $150 backers and up. What will the digital codex be, exactly? Is it like a PDF, or is it browser-based, or delivered similar to a game/VN with interaction? Also, will it cover the exact material that will be in the physical codex, or will it have more or less content overall? Will it be released at the same time as the rest of the games/digital content is released, or more specifically will it be released before or after the physical codex is sent out? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello guys, and girls. First time posting here, big fan of the series. Decided to go with the 500$ tier, but charged it to 565-575$(dont remenber the price), to also get the extra of the takemikazuchi. When the backer kit thing/survey came out, I had the extra credit and was able to add Meiya's awesome TSF. Sadly most of the rewards are still leagues away of shipping (september 2016 for the jacket T_T). The tier I choose hasYuuko’s Gift Bag, and deadline for those started at december 2015, and I have seen some people ML twitter posting posters and badges... I have still yet to receive this gift bag, it is already February, I just wanted to know, if most people already received yuuko's or not. Like to understand if there is something wrong or not. Cheers.
  7. [RESOLVED] Yuuko's Guft Bag

    Will Yuuko's Gift Bag contents be distributed in an actual gift bag? And one of the contents is the Sumika/Meiya buttons... Does that mean we get one of each heroines or only one of our choosing?
  8. Hello! First of all, I'm certain that these questions have been answered many times in one form or the other, but I couldn't find it andit's been about a week now and I can't shake the feeling of unease; I came to the conclusion that the one sure way to shake it would be just toask directly. I'm really sorry for the bother. So I was very interested in making a pledge in the Muv-Luv Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, I was short on money and could not make it in time. I also really wanted some of the rewards, though, andI saw BackerKit was going to happen, so I pledged myself into the 1$ tier with plans to upgrade to higher tiers a bit later through BackerKit. My questions are these: Are the prices on BackerKit going to be the same as those that were on Kickstarter? Specifically, I'm interested in the 220$ tier, with the Collector's Box and the CODEX; I was wondering if it's still going to be a 220$ tier on BackerKit. Thelimited edition Sumika Figma mentioned on the Kickstarter page - just to be sure: is it just going to be automatically added to every purchase of 150$ and above, without us backers having to somehow "request" it or add it to the cart or something of this sort? It's simply going to arrive as part of our orders, without us having to do anything special? And a stranger and lessrelated question: I saw that an available addon for the price of 80$ is the upgrade of the Collector's Box to contain both the PC and Vita versions of the game; I also saw that this doesn't mean you would get two "Collector's Boxes", but rather that the collector's box you do get will contain both versions. What I was wondering is, since I don't actually know the layout of the box, where would the extra disc be placed? Is it something like a smaller caseinside the big collector's box? Allow me to clarify: what I'm wondering is, if they're both supposed to fit into the collector's box, then one would assume the collector's box is designed with the intention of being able to contain both versions, which means... that if you only buy one version (i.e collector's box without the 80$ addon) there would be an "empty space" that was intended for the remaining version. I'm just kind of scared that I'm going to purchase the 150$ tier and receive a case meant to contain a cartridge and a CD and only contains one of them(think something like this, except with a CD and a Vita cartridge). I assume this isn't the case, and that the collector's box will simply contain a separate DVD case for each version or something like this, but I wish to clarify... because if it does arrive with an empty space for a CD then it would bother me forever. Thanks!
  9. What are the likelihood of any of successfully backed physical or digital Kickstarter versions being available again at some point after KS and BackerKit ends, even if it means slightly higher retail costs? It'd be nice if we had Muv-Luv Team's perspective on this. I know that from Muv-Luv Team's Facebook, physical Vita release is almost likely not to happen once KS & BackerKit ends, at the very least.