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  1. Muv-Luv on Android/iOS

    I've been thinking pretty much since the beginning that Muv-Luv was practically built to be played on a tablet device (such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab, etc.). Originally during the Kickstarter campaign, I backed the Android port, but after many months of silence on its development, I requested that the devs switch me back over to Windows. I still felt that the game would be best experienced on a tablet lounging on the couch or in bed without a bulky laptop in the way. Today, I was doing a little looking around and I stumbled across an app called Remotr. Basically, it's a local-network game-streaming service that works with Android, iOS and (less interestingly) Windows tablet devices. You can install a server application on your main Windows PC and run the app on the Android or iOS device and stream Muv-Luv directly to the mobile device (including the sound). It's not perfect -the mouse movement is relative to the touchscreen motion rather than exact - but it provides a really nice way to get Muv-Luv off the laptop/desktop and onto a more portable device. (Note: the streaming only works over a local area network or presumably a VPN). Remotr is free with ads or there is a $1.99/month subscription to go without the ads. Thus far, the ads haven't been *too* irritating (they play when the game launches and after it quits), but I've not played for an extended time yet. I'll update this post if it turns out that they interject ads mid-game as well. I hope this information proves useful to other fans!