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  1. So i'm interested in the 300$ tier but i don't want charged extra seeing as how i originally pledged 155$ normally and 155$ through paypal. I'm thinking i'm gonna have to ask the muv-luv team for a paypal refund of 155$ so i can visually see i pledged 310$ as well as upgrade for a 300$ pledge normally. I have my credit card in hand on the last step of backerkit just waiting for a response. So i went ahead and changed my tier to 300$ in backerkit. Physical codex being limited i didn't want to take any chances and wait. i have emailed someone before in the muv-luv team awhile back on this subject and they made it sound like the problem would resolve itself eventually. But i'm expecting to see 155$ disappear from my paypal as this is the only solution i can see as plausible.
  2. So the story goes like this. (Had already posted on other thread but might as well retell it here) I have a bad history with KS because it tends to have trouble with payments, (like many others here, as I can see) I have missed a couple campaigns before in which the payment would just not go through, neither my bank nor KS able to sort the problem out, so when the campaign ended a week before and, big surprise, the payment didnt go through (nor it did the 2nd and 3rd time I tried) I just decided to play it safe and use paypal to replicate my pledge. And today, big surprise, I get a mail by KS saying that the payment went through successfully. As much as I love MuvLuv, that double pledge is WAY beyond my capabilities at the moment, what should I do? should I contact KS? paypal? apparently my bank is incapable of doing anything now since the payment happened nearly 1 hour ago and I didnt realize until just now. edit: Bank is out of the question and not even by that reason, they just cant revert a payment without locking my card for fraud (clearly not the case)
  3. Hello, I supported the project with the amount of 240$. I paid with Paypal the 1st November but a SECOND payment happened the 3rd November ! I'm now in the RED with my bank and it can be critical for me !!! HELP ME !!