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  1. ChuSingura46+1 PREFUNDIA

    Hey guys, JAPAN CONTENT are planning to localized ChuSingura46+1 on Kickstarter but before that they need your FEEDBACK on Prefundia before launching so if you wish to help, feel free to drop by so that this Campaign can go Very smoothly. DISCUSS!! also if you have time, can you Muv-Luv MODS and admins help them too like you helped Mikandi Japan? thanks.
  2. Libra of the Vampire Princess is on prefundia for those who want to help to make this project a success. if you guysfeellike helping them, feel free to give a FEEDBACK on their pre-kickstarter setup. Connor and Nonscpo are helping them too to give a Head start. I want this Game to become a success too and the art is pretty gorgeous.