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  1. Heyeveryone,ihaveafewquestions,becauseIdon'thave acreditcardandI havepledgedontheKickstartersideviaPayPalandi wantedtoinformmyselfalittleaboutmysituation,particularlybecauseIliveinGermany.Hereafewquestions:Whathappensnow?WillIinformedaboutmypayment?Andif when?WilltheyaskmeforwhatIhavepaid?AndwhatisifI'mnotinformed?WhatshouldIdointhiscase? Iwouldbegladforaquickanswerofmyquestions. I'm sorry if it's hard to read, because my english is not the best.^^' Thank you for the help. :-)
  2. [RESOLVED] Problems with payments

    I've backed $135 for the project, but now the KS claims that 'has been declined by my card provider.' I use VISA. My account has enough funds for the payment and I see no indication that anyone or anything has attemtep to withdraw funds from there. I feel hesitant switching my payment method to paypayl, because I don't want to accidentally pay double.