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  1. A few of them. I pledged 400 USD + shipping, for clarification. SOLVED (first reply)I assume digital copies of Photonflowers and Photonmelodies are included? They're not listed with the other pledge level items when doing the backerkit. SOLVED ( I change my backerkit options at any time I wish, before deadlines? How or when will the Vita version (digital) region be decided? I'm in Europe, but would like an NA copy. Will there be two separate electrical invoices received beforehand, if I choose to ship the gift bag et cetera earlier than the rest of the items? I assume the value of the gift bag + shipping will be reduced from the final invoice? Thanks in advance.
  2. Are there any plans to include the more raunchy scenes in Supplement and Beforethe Shimmering Time Endswith the uncensored patch or will the Photon sidestories be a straight up port of the PS3 all-age version?
  3. Photon Flowers and Photon Melodies are collections of stories compiled from various âge-soft titles. They are originally released only for the PS3, but because the Photons stretch goal was achieved, PC ports of both games will be coming this way! If you have played Muv-Luv Supplement, Altered Fable, or Chronicles, you may be familiar with some of the short story titles: I. photonflowers* Muv-Luv Supplement - Before the Cherry Blossoms Bloom (- 桜の花が咲く前に ~Muv-Luv After Episode~) -Muv-Luv Heroine Sidestory Collection Ayu-Mayu Alternative - Atonement (Shokuzai - 贖罪) -Inheritance (Shoukei - 承継) Muv-Luv Chronicles 01 -Chicken Divers (チキン・ダイバーズ) -Rain Dancers (レイン・ダンサーズ) Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu (君がいた季節) -Confessions (Kokusaku - 告白) II. photonmelodies♮ Muv-Luv Chronicles 02 -Aspiration - (Shoukei - 憧憬) Muv-Luv Chronicles 03 -Resurrection - (Saitan - 再誕) Muv-Luv Altered Fable - Kagayaku Toki ga Kienu Mae ni - かがやく時空(とき)が消えぬ間に Note: "Kagayaku Toki ga Kienu Mae ni" is often referred to by itself as Altered Fable. However, it is actually a story contained within the larger "Altered Fable package".