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  1. Hello … i just got into Muv-Luv Alternate : Total Eclipse after watching the anime, and after the ending of it which is very very cliffhanger i really unsatisfied , so i browse the whole google day and night to search for the continuations and it says that the ending is on the Visual Novel games and im really glad there is a PC version and it lead me here. But i got really nervous when i saw this last update is on Jun 2016 last year … is this project died/discontinue , is this website died?? Please, if anyone can give any reply/answer … will be really appreciated. I really hunger for this and want to know the real ending, the anime ending left me with big big hole and many questions, but i heard there will be no second season for Total Eclipse and if you want to know the ending is in Visual Novel of it. I really hope (beg you) that this project not died.
  2. If you have more than one Collector's Box (either because you bought them as add-ons or you chose them instead the usual extra gift bags and plushies from Maxima Alter's Gift), are they all automatically upgraded to PC andPS Vita if you get the 80$ Collector's Box Upgrade? I ask this because you CAN'T buy more than one Collector's Box Upgrade. Is this intented or justanother BackerKit bug? If intended, does that mean you get all your Collector's Boxes with both versions(PC and Vita) once you upgrade, or there's only one PC/Vita Collector's Box per backer, period? Thank you!
  3. I have been avoiding reading into Muv-Luv to hold off for the western release, but I am under the impression that the content can be quite graphic both violently and sexually. The previousreleases were rated as high as 18+. What canwe expect to see with regards to ratings and censorship in either the western releases (PC or Vita)? I would prefer if the rating stayed high and censoring could be turned on/off as an option.