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  1. I get an error: " PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem. "
  2. I've been trying to increase my pledge using paypal, but when i click pay an error appears saying something like "this recipient cannot receive payments at this moment". A friend tried and got the same error.
  3. I think I know the answer, but just to be on the safe side I wanted to ask: As a PayPal backer there's no possibility to get hold of any of the limited tiers, is there? I'm asking specifically because I held on to the faint hope there might still be some of the highly demanded Raptors up for grab once the BackerKit rolls around. After I received the mail yesterday and looked at the possible tiers/upgrades, however, there was no Raptor option to be found. Back when the Kickstarter campaign was active, I ran into the trouble of KS not accepting my credit card which forced me to resort to PayPal. So I used that method to throw in $200 to have my foot in the door, so to speak, and then up it to the $300 tier if the Raptor might still be an option for PayPal users. I assume I'm just among the unlucky people who didn't get a shot at it? It's quite frustrating I admit, because there were open slots for that tier right in front of my eyes during the campaign, yet the credit card trouble kept them out of reach. Probably nothing to be done about it after the fact, but if I just didn't look at the right place, I sure as hell wouldn't want to squander even a slight chance by staying silent instead of asking the stupid question. I don't have much experience with using KS/BackerKit. Best regards in any case
  4. Hello, I did the $50 add-on for the gift bag and did the survey on the email address I Kickstarted on, however, my PayPal email address just got a survey about my add-on and it's trying to charge another $5 for shipping? Do I need to answer this other survey to get my items or should I only be worried about my main survey? Sorry if that's confusing.
  5. Hello, I pledged by Paypal for the digital trilogy $60 with my email The problem is that the backerkit email arrived to me via another email account that I have recently changed my KS account into, but it is neither the backerkit nor the paypal email I used. And obviously that email sends me to a backerkit page that tells me I have not cancelled the $60 for the digital trilogy. Help please
  6. So i'm interested in the 300$ tier but i don't want charged extra seeing as how i originally pledged 155$ normally and 155$ through paypal. I'm thinking i'm gonna have to ask the muv-luv team for a paypal refund of 155$ so i can visually see i pledged 310$ as well as upgrade for a 300$ pledge normally. I have my credit card in hand on the last step of backerkit just waiting for a response. So i went ahead and changed my tier to 300$ in backerkit. Physical codex being limited i didn't want to take any chances and wait. i have emailed someone before in the muv-luv team awhile back on this subject and they made it sound like the problem would resolve itself eventually. But i'm expecting to see 155$ disappear from my paypal as this is the only solution i can see as plausible.
  7. I added an extra $400 via Paypal back on Halloween, I was hoping to get an extra Jacket and to upgrade the collector's box to being for both the PS Vita and PC. I didn't see a place to add such a comment to the backerkit,will this be something I can fix? or will I get another email for it?
  8. I wanted to upgrade to the $800-C tier once backerkit started and though this would be the case as discussed in my old thread, but I got my survey for backerkit and I can't select any tiers above $500.
  9. I want to move my pledge to Paypal, but I haven't been able to get a guarantee that if I do, I'll get the same package, because there's multiple packages at the amount I pledged at, plus they wanted me to keep my $1 pledge on kickstarter. This is all I've gotten from support so far: I'm confused. And I've been offered no other help, witht he final hours closing in I want to make sure everything is sorted.
  10. So the story goes like this. (Had already posted on other thread but might as well retell it here) I have a bad history with KS because it tends to have trouble with payments, (like many others here, as I can see) I have missed a couple campaigns before in which the payment would just not go through, neither my bank nor KS able to sort the problem out, so when the campaign ended a week before and, big surprise, the payment didnt go through (nor it did the 2nd and 3rd time I tried) I just decided to play it safe and use paypal to replicate my pledge. And today, big surprise, I get a mail by KS saying that the payment went through successfully. As much as I love MuvLuv, that double pledge is WAY beyond my capabilities at the moment, what should I do? should I contact KS? paypal? apparently my bank is incapable of doing anything now since the payment happened nearly 1 hour ago and I didnt realize until just now. edit: Bank is out of the question and not even by that reason, they just cant revert a payment without locking my card for fraud (clearly not the case)
  11. Hello, I supported the project with the amount of 240$. I paid with Paypal the 1st November but a SECOND payment happened the 3rd November ! I'm now in the RED with my bank and it can be critical for me !!! HELP ME !!
  12. Missed the campaign after 6 months absent from Kickstarter, is there a chance to join the fray afterward with paypal backing? I clicked that paypal button but it says there's problem with seller's website. Watched the anime and read the manga, want that Sumika Figma so bad lol.
  13. I just realized that when I added some cash via PayPal, I forgot to add the shipping to it. Is there still a way to add it via PayPal? I didn't notice it until after my payment went through for the tier I'd paid for or I would have added it there.
  14. Heyeveryone,ihaveafewquestions,becauseIdon'thave acreditcardandI havepledgedontheKickstartersideviaPayPalandi wantedtoinformmyselfalittleaboutmysituation,particularlybecauseIliveinGermany.Hereafewquestions:Whathappensnow?WillIinformedaboutmypayment?Andif when?WilltheyaskmeforwhatIhavepaid?AndwhatisifI'mnotinformed?WhatshouldIdointhiscase? Iwouldbegladforaquickanswerofmyquestions. I'm sorry if it's hard to read, because my english is not the best.^^' Thank you for the help. :-)
  15. I had to cancel my pledge on kickstarter last night due to some unexpected bills and my rent. I was wondering if it was still possible to pledge through paypal and what the grace period is until the backerkits come out. All I was intrested in was the digital tire if that makes a difference.
  16. [RESOLVED] Problems with payments

    I've backed $135 for the project, but now the KS claims that 'has been declined by my card provider.' I use VISA. My account has enough funds for the payment and I see no indication that anyone or anything has attemtep to withdraw funds from there. I feel hesitant switching my payment method to paypayl, because I don't want to accidentally pay double.
  17. It just told me it wouldn't accept my credit card on Kickstarter (I've pledged months ago) so I thought I'll just do it with Paypal. Sorry if this is a silly question, but how do I do that? I don't see a link or the information for it... - Found the link. Also, if I went with the 150$ tier, I'll need to pay 160$ for the shipping right? Will I still get all the Email updates and questions as if I payed from Kickstarter? Thankyu for the help.
  18. A few minutes I donated $155 to the Muv-Luv kickstarter through PayPal to get the Collector's Box. I thought the kickstarter was going to end about 1 or 2 hours from now, but apparently I was wrong. I just checked the Muv-Luv twitter to see when exactly it was going to end, only to find out it has been over for 2 to 3 hours already. My question is, will I still be able to receive the $150 pledge reward? I really hope so, I want all those Collector's Box goodies and the figurine.
  19. I made a $60 order in KS, but the system told me that my payment was held up, damn my lazy ass local bank.So I remade the payment through the Paypal link which accepts the same CC with no problems!!! So what happens now? The KS is telling me to fix the payment which I have no intention to do since I used the same CC with Paypal, I even deleted the CC numer in KS.Will I receive the Backerkit email with no problems? And in that email I can select the digital $60 tier, right?@Connor Krammer
  20. Hey guys, so basically I had initially chosen to 150 tier but then changed to paypal (only did so because their conversion rate to USD was better than my banks) and in order to not be double charged cancled the pledge on kickstarter. I payed through paypal 160 ( in hopes 0f 150 vita tier + 10 postage). After doing so and from reading through other threads like this it seems I jumped the gun a bit and I needed to have kept at least a $1 pledge in order to select via backerkit. However since i did not keep the $1 pledge does that mean I won't be able to acess backerkit to select my reward? I just want clarification on this because I am only interested in the physical vita collectors editon and not even remotely in the physical pc one. So in other words I want to make sure I'm able to access backekit and select the vita one and don't end up being sent the pc one by default due to potentially not being able to access backerkit. tldr; where do i stand as i didn't keep the $1 pledge and wholly payed through paypal
  21. Alright so I'm in a bit of a jam. I may have forgotten that my kickstarter account automatically backs the project once it's complete. It's the first time I backed something. So in a panic I pledge on paypal too. I'm at a pretty high tier and I don't want to pay for my tier twice. How can I cancel the paypal payment?
  22. Hi, I just recently received an email saying that my payment was declined for the kickstarter, so I changed my payment method to PayPal. I donated $230 for the physical codex and collectors box plus shipping, but I am unsure of whether or not my donation will be used to get me the backer rewards. I also am unsure about how to access and use backer kit. How can I know I'm getting the rewards I wanted with my money? And how can I access and see everything in backer kit? thanks in advance.
  23. Hi fellows ! I saw pretty late the Kickstarter from muvluv, cause i am not from USA, hopefully twitter came to help. Sadly i did'nt have the funds to take the pledge i wanted (150+) cause it was the end of the month, and the subs would be over before i get paid. But i saw i could change my pledge after the end of the subs so i pledged 1 $. And in some days i will have money to take my collector physical edition. So if someone can guide me ? Show me how to do that i would be gratefull. How much time do we have to change our pledges ? Can we change the payment method ? (Like CC to Paypal ?) Will it be Available for my country (France) too ? Another VN & MuvLuv Fan, Klowh
  24. Title pretty much says it all. I´ve payed with paypal, but on the kickstarted page and my profile, it says that I'm not backing the project. Will it update later, or is something wrong? I read the Q&A but I couldn't find anything specific on how paypal payments are handled, so I just want to make sure I don´t lose my opportunity to be a part of the backer project.
  25. I already have the Raptor tier, how am I supposed to pay for it with Paypal?