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  1. Dear TSF Pilots, For those who didn't know about it, there's a KickStarter campaign to fund Dai-Shogun, a 3D movie designed to be watched on Oculus Rift. It's a steampunk story set in Japan during the "black ships" period (late nineteenth century), so expect lots of samurai and mecha stuff. What sets apart Dai-Shogun from other 3D animated movies (which I personally don't like; traditional animation feels more "real") is the fact that, being made for the Oculus Rift, you can see the movie in 360ยบ. It's like being at the giant robot's cockpit! But, what power source do these mecha run? Steam? Oil? Nuclear? The sun? The Luv? Nope! They are virginity-powered. Yes, you read it right. Only virgins can pilot Dai-Shogun mecha. That's why every character writeup lists their virginity status. Some of these descriptions are hilarious. As usual with many recent Japanese animations, the main character (a bastard son of Tokugawa)is a jerk, but the rest of the cast is pretty cool. My favourite male character is Ryoma Sakamoto, the lovable rogue with a heart of gold. And the waifus... Oh, the waifus. Mmmm.... Seems nineteenth century spandex was pretty tight. About the rewards: Among other things, you can get the render files of the character, mecha or background of your choice. If you're a graphic designer, I think this is a pretty good reward! The files are for Maya, but maybe they work on Blender (I should ask it...) This project was tagged as KickStarter favorite, so it has some exposure, but (as I said in other threads) it needs much more to get funded. Yes, they're doing things like a big party in Japan, with Kazuya Sasahara (the director) headbutting bricks. Looks like a sensible marketing strategy to me! As usual... Check the KickStarter page and, if you like what you see... You know what to do!
  2. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    Okay I'm pretty sure a lot of us love Giant Robots and Video Games so why not talk about what our favorite Giant Robot games are? A couple of my favorites are: Armored Core Zone of the Enfees 2 Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam
  3. Will there be addons for the other TSFs? Like the MIG-21, 23, 27, F-22A, and the custom Mecha be available as addons?