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  1. As soon as I saw the size of the box, and because it feels like it's been forever since the campaign started,I made an unboxing video for my YouTube channel. Check it out if that's your thing, and I'll have another video of the Takemikazuchi build sometime next week probably. o7
  2. Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with you guys since November 2016 about this, but never gotten any reponse... I tried to send a PM through Kickstarter, no answer, left a comment on 2-3 Muv-Luv Kickstarter updates, no answer, sent a message through Backerkit, no answer, sent a message through Degica e-mail, no answer. I am not sure why I am being ignored, basically all I wanted to do was add a Collector's Edition of the PS Vita version as an Add-On through backerkit, but I am guessing for some reason it's not possible? If that is not possible, what about this, could you change the reward circled in red here: From "physical PC DVDs" to "physical PS Vita Cartridges". Would that be possible, PLEASE?
  3. There's no way to access the KS updates (or even know if they're up) from this forum, therefore I decided to make this thread with a transcript for the November and December Update, and which I will update with every new update the KS gets, as long as my internet and computer allow it. On another note, the KS's updates are also normally accompanied by various MuvLuv art (normally for the characters which have had their birthday in that month), and shoutouts for another KSs. I might add the former later, while I will skip the shout-outs for this first two updates as of now it's obviously too late. November: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Director's Cut Patch is Released! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Director's Cut Patch is Released! You can now download the patch (NSFW) using your private BackerKit link. If you don't have your private BackerKit link yet or have forgotten it, please email us at muvluv@degica.comso we can provide it ASAP. Non-backers may purchase a copy on Denpasoft(NSFW) where it's on sale as well! Muv-Luv Steam Update, PS Vita porting started! The developers have been working hard to fix the bugs that were reported, and we’re ready to start porting Muv-Luv to PS Vita! We've fixed the following issues for Muv-Luv version 1.15: 1. Made all CGs available uncropped in the gallery. CGs larger than the screen can be scrolled. 2. Guaranteed that certain in-game animations will play at the correct speed. 3. Removed rain animation from one indoor scene. 4. Increased size of font in credits for fort-class sponsors. 5. Moved Steam notifications overlay to prevent it from covering important game elements. 6. Fixed bug that forced game text to be visible when taking a screenshot with F12. 7. Fixed a bug preventing the user’s clicks from registering immediately after toggling the display language. 8. Fixed a bug causing certain scenes to randomly trigger an error message when seen for the first time. 9. Fixed an error in the birthday CG. 10. Fixed one untranslated CG in Tama’s route. 11. Fixed a bug causing the wrong date to be displayed on save files under certain circumstances. 12. Fixed typo on the overwrite save prompt. Collector’s Box Cover Art Poll Results (Will put the images inside a spoiler) Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX Progress Report The pages of the book are being edited and formatted as we speak, and it will take around 3 months to complete work on it. Our friends at Print Ninja will be helping us out with the printing, and we’ll be showing a few sample pages in the next update. Please look forward to it Thank you very much for your patience, we'll continue to work on Photonflowers, CODEX, and the PS Vita port of Muv-Luv while translating Muv-Luv Alternative. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us. Cheers, The Muv-Luv Team December: Mini Christmas Update! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Here's a status report on some of our pending items: Muv-Luv PS Vita port has been ongoing since our previous update, and we may have some big news in a month or so from now. Please stay tuned PS Vita fans! Muv-Luv Alternative's retranslation might take the entire winter because of its enormous script length. Good news:Connor Krammer (aka Ambigravity)is now also part of the translation team as QA and Editor! He helped out with Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited's QA process, and now we've recruited him to make sure the scripts are totally refined before we produce the physical versions. He also volunteered as a moderator for both the Muv-Luv Community forums and Steam forums, so he'll be a familiar face to many of you Physical rewardswill be shipped as soon as possible once Muv-Luv Alternative is released on Steam. If you have pledged for PS Vita physical, your rewards will be reserved for a second batch of shipping which which will be a few months later—depending on how much time the following will take: 1. Muv-Luv Alternative porting 2. Cartridge production 3. Sony approval . To elaborate further, let's say the PC backer's physicals ship in June. Pledges containing a copy of the physical PS Vita version will likely be sent by September. This is still a rough (worst case) estimate, and rewards may ship early if everything goes well.. We'll keep everyone posted! Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX screenshots will be shown on the next update, as theartists involved are on vacation and won't be back for another week. We apologize to everyone who've been looking forward to it! Photonflowerswill be on hold until we finish PS Vita versions of both games. PS Vita for Muv-Luv Alternative will be our top priority after the PC release. Have a great Christmas and see you again next year! Cheers, The Muv-Luv Team
  4. Hello, I backed the $60 Vita version on kickstarter, but since it is taking quiete a while for the version to come out I thought about switching to the PC versions. I sent a message on kickstarter about a week ago, but I figured that you probably are not paying attention to that website in favor of the forum anymore. I hope you can help me. edit: the email address I used to sign up for this forum is the same as my kickstarter address.
  5. Dies irae VN Kickstarter

    Leaving this here in case it might interest some of you. Twitter : diesirae_steam If you're familiar with the medium, Dies irae might ring a bell as it's become a classic in its particular themes for a number of initiatesbeing able to read in Japanese. We now have the opportunity to read this in English and indulge in its unique experience. To summarize things quite a bit, this is an urban fantasy battle themed visual novel but I suggest taking a look at the Kickstarter description at the very least if this sounds intriguing to you, it'll do a better job at giving you more context than whatever I can type right now. Withthat being said, enjoy these two videos as well
  6. When I originally backed the only thing I could afford was the $150 physical Vita tier, I could afford the higher tiers or add ons to be able to get the physical codex, physical CD, models, plushie, Dakimakura, and Yuuko's bag (which I luckily ended up winning, but still) with the items of physical CD and physical codex being the 2 I most wanted and still wanted, I want the other things but theseespecially and just couldn't afford to get them at the time so im wondering the chance of getting them sometime in the future outside the campaign or not, like an online pre order store, or online store or paypal for any existing backers who want to upgrade their tier, I would upgrade it to the codex tier or maybe even higher if I could, etc, thank you, I hope you consider this and I'm sorry to ask this so late and at all, I had trouble logging into the forum and was from Internet for awhile.
  7. Hey everyone Last March I backed Muv-luv $1, but decided to go all-in and backed the physical Vita version instead. However, I just checked the backed page on kickstarter and it states that I only paid the $1 for the Muv-luv page. Is that just a mistake? I got a digital code already, but what I'm concerned about is the Vita physical copy. I'm not familiar with kick-starter nor backerkits so if it's a common mistake/I missed something, please say so. I'm gonna wait for a little while longer since the Vita physical copies aren't even dated yet, but I'm still a bit anxious about it as I don't want to be locked out. Thank you for the help.
  8. System Shock

    So, I know a lot of news on crowdfunding projects is shared here, but this is a big one for fans of old-school FPS games. A System Shock remake is being funded via Kickstarter! Now, I haven't backed it myself, but the sci-fi saga (and SHODAN) are pretty legendary in certain pockets of the gaming community, so if you want to see the original System Shock reborn with a streamlined, modernized design, this is a Kickstarter for you! There's even a playable demo you can download via the links on the project page.
  9. Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter

    Another VN KS
  10. Lynn and the Spirits of Inao

    guys, theres a Kickstarter game that is INSPIRED BY MIYAZAKI-film. it's a Adventure 2d platform where you solve puzzles, Day and Night Cycles and every art is ANIME-ish. kinda like Metriodvania so if you have time to support, feel free to check it out.
  11. Dear fellow TSF pilots, As you may know (but I doubt it, otherwise, it would be funded), there's a KickStarter to fund the latest anime by the creator of Azumanga Daioh and A Certain Magical Index. It's called Chika*Chika Idol and, as the name implies, is about three teen Japanese pop stars. The waifus are so cute I can't post pictures here, or there would be a nosebleed epidemy. Click on the link at your own risk; don't say I didn't warn you! Sadly, like many other KS campaigns (the recent ChuSinGura 46+1 is a fine example), lack of social media exposure means the project is barely funded. And there's only 4 days left. Are you ready for the battle of your life? Then, walk into your Raptor (that runs on Linux) and fight till the bitter end! So if you like it... You know what to do!
  12. Just wondering what style the new CGs will be drawn in. Will it follow the same style as the Muv Luv Trilogy CGs or will they be made like the updated The Day After CGs? And when can we expect to get a sneak peek at the new content? Does it refers to extra in-game scenes for the trilogy or unlockable stuff accessible from the menu (mini games for example)? I'm just curious, but I understand if you wish to wait to a later date before answering.
  13. Tokyo Warfare
  14. [RESOLVED] Yuuko's Guft Bag

    Will Yuuko's Gift Bag contents be distributed in an actual gift bag? And one of the contents is the Sumika/Meiya buttons... Does that mean we get one of each heroines or only one of our choosing?
  15. Narcissu KS

    okay we all know that Narcissu KS is in BIG trouble sincethey launched it in a bad time, even though it's their 10th anniversary game. I wont force people to back this game given that our wallets is drained but at least we can help by spreading the word for those who wish to back it. if you guys want to help, feel free to let people know about this KS so that they might back this game up.
  16. I came across the Doko RokoKickstarter the other day, and man does it look gorgeous. If anyone here is a fan of roguelike games with permadeath and fantastic pixelart, give it a look. Oh, and the price is right, even after the recent death of all our wallets. You can get the game for as low as $10, though some of the higher tiers look interesting too. Here's some art:
  17. Alright so I'm in a bit of a jam. I may have forgotten that my kickstarter account automatically backs the project once it's complete. It's the first time I backed something. So in a panic I pledge on paypal too. I'm at a pretty high tier and I don't want to pay for my tier twice. How can I cancel the paypal payment?
  18. Hatoful boyfriend KS

    hi guys, I think you should click on that. you'll know when you see it. lol
  19. Hello! I've pledged for the $220 tier, but want to make sure I understand how to indicate I want the Vita physical collector's box. Do I do this after the kickstarter ends via backerkit, or is there something I need to do before it ends? Thank you!
  20. Maxima Alter's Gift and Kitchen Sink

    Hi there Muv-Luv Team! Thank you so much and congratulations for this Kickstarter. Regarding the Maxima Alter's Gift tier reward, does one have a choice between the normal Kitchen Sink tier and the Schwarzesmarken-style one? Also this may be a pipe dream, but maybe they can go into the credits as "Soldier-class Sponsors" or something? www