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  1. NEWSREEL 1: All stretch goals funded! You can still pledge via PayPal. NEWSREEL: 2: Official Victory Belles community forumcreated. Dear TSF Pilots, As you may know, Victory Belles' KickStarter ends in 39 hours (Sat May 21, 5:00 CEST) It's a WWII Strategy/Dating Sim game. With more than 120waifus. And it's already funded (285% so far). I'm sure you've heard about Kantai, Kancolle,etc. But since they don't want to export its game to the West... Here's Victory Belles! As you can see, the artwork is gorgeous, and the historical and technical data are very well researched. Also, while the shipgirls are stunning, there's not so much fanservice as one would expect, and each one has a truly unique personality. Do you want some proof? Ok, let's read this funnyinterview with my own Spanish shipgirl... Velasco! Can you feel her cheerful enthusiasm? Of course you can! She's my daughter! The first stretch goal is already achieved: Construction Gals! Chibi girls that work on your R&D projects. Like Elsie, the cute brunette with the glasses. I'm so in love with her. The second stretch goal is closer every minute: Mascots! Boost your fleet's morale with adorable dogs and cats like Scouse here... And, in case you're wondering, yes, I wrote parody songs for this game! (7 so far.) I'll make a playlist later. (Note to self: I must make The Letter playlist too! 54 songs so far...) Remember, if you like what you see... You know what to do! EDIT: Here's my Parody Songs' Playlist. If you like my songs, you can sing along! 1. Velasco (Montana). What better song to introduce my own shipgirl? 2. Hold that snake (Ry Cooder). 3. Love is in the air (John Paul Young). 4. BONUS TRACK: What a wonderful world (Sam Cooke). Game funded! 5. COLLECTOR'S EDITION ONLY RELEASE: Carrie (Europe). I wrote 3 Europe songs on the same day: one for VB, one for Quantum Suicide and one for The Letter. (And The Letter one was a SoulSet crossover, too!) 6. BONUS TRACK:That girl (Christopher Cross). Construction gals stretch goal funded! And Elsie character song.This is canon. 7. No retreat, no surrender (Paul Gilreath). The unavoidable training montage from the 80s. And Velasco character song! 8. BONUS TRACK:I got my mind set on you (George Harrison). Mascots stretch goal funded! 9. Not ready to make nice (Dixie Chicks). 10. Sweetest Victory (Touch). Campaign ends, all stretch goals funded in the last minute! 11. Best of the Best (Stubblefield & Hall). Admiral Graf Spee character song!