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  1. When I originally backed the only thing I could afford was the $150 physical Vita tier, I could afford the higher tiers or add ons to be able to get the physical codex, physical CD, models, plushie, Dakimakura, and Yuuko's bag (which I luckily ended up winning, but still) with the items of physical CD and physical codex being the 2 I most wanted and still wanted, I want the other things but theseespecially and just couldn't afford to get them at the time so im wondering the chance of getting them sometime in the future outside the campaign or not, like an online pre order store, or online store or paypal for any existing backers who want to upgrade their tier, I would upgrade it to the codex tier or maybe even higher if I could, etc, thank you, I hope you consider this and I'm sorry to ask this so late and at all, I had trouble logging into the forum and was from Internet for awhile.
  2. Hello guys, and girls. First time posting here, big fan of the series. Decided to go with the 500$ tier, but charged it to 565-575$(dont remenber the price), to also get the extra of the takemikazuchi. When the backer kit thing/survey came out, I had the extra credit and was able to add Meiya's awesome TSF. Sadly most of the rewards are still leagues away of shipping (september 2016 for the jacket T_T). The tier I choose hasYuuko’s Gift Bag, and deadline for those started at december 2015, and I have seen some people ML twitter posting posters and badges... I have still yet to receive this gift bag, it is already February, I just wanted to know, if most people already received yuuko's or not. Like to understand if there is something wrong or not. Cheers.