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  1. I will be collecting my thoughts andwill post how would I do it but in the mean time you guys takea shot at it. What would be in? What would be out? Would you keep all or any characters from Muv Luv? You could answer theseor other questions of your own. What would be an hypothetical Extra Sequel. Not Muv Luv Alternative 2, Extra 2. And if you like me thinks Extra and Alternative really is just a giant Muv Luv game, then how would you do the theoretical "Extra" part?
  2. Changed ost

    I've got a question for you. First of all I must confess that I did not finish the Muv-luv Extra on Steam yet. I am on my way to do this but I've noticed some changes. Most of them are really great like menu and other things. One thing didn't agree with me - I mean the music in the background. In the original there was a ost called Warudakumi. Here you go if you don't know it by name. It was played during the scene in which Meiya tells Takeru and Sumika about her pact with his dad and all and during Wraith Rangers scene during the date with Sumika (they were named 'Race Rangers' in the fan trasnaltion). What happened to that soundtrack? Was it deleted from the game? If that's the case then it's pretty sad because I loved it... Is there any chance of putting it back there? I know it may sound ridiculous but still I just want to hear some explanation from the dev team. And anyhow I am grateful to you for bringing Muv-Luv to Steam