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  1. As the topic title implies, I've been thinking about this mind-boggling fact lately. From what I read from the trilogy, I deducted he isn't suave enough to handle more than one girl at a time. I also noticed there were quite a few people in the Muv-Luv fan base that were sad about there not being a harem ending. It could be said there was not even any strong escalation of drama between the heroines, in the trilogy, besides the cook off in Extra. Extra could've been better if there were to be more plot twists and drama. I believe these were likely reasons why the first part of the trilogy looks stale in comparison to the other parts, especially Alternative. Lately I have been reading Xianxia novels at Wuxiaworld and am mostly following popular Xianxia ("immortal hero") novels such as; Against the gods; Tales of demons gods and Martial god asura. In my opinion, the standout of those three titles would be Against the Gods for its MC, if anyone hasn't read it I strongly recommend that you should. Tell me what you guys think, you'd definitely not regret it! After comparing the MC's of the Xianxia novels I mentioned and Takeru; It could be seen in the Muv-luv triology and spin offs, Takeru was pretty innocent, lacked knowledge and was not ambitious enough to become a player. However, could there still be a chance when Takeru will blow away his critics and show his full potential!? I had also found a nice FS/N meme.