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  1. I will be collecting my thoughts andwill post how would I do it but in the mean time you guys takea shot at it. What would be in? What would be out? Would you keep all or any characters from Muv Luv? You could answer theseor other questions of your own. What would be an hypothetical Extra Sequel. Not Muv Luv Alternative 2, Extra 2. And if you like me thinks Extra and Alternative really is just a giant Muv Luv game, then how would you do the theoretical "Extra" part?
  2. Other Notable VNs

    I know, some of you are probably thinking "Heresy! Blasphemy! Sodomy!" but the fact is, we need a place for us ML fans to come together and discuss what other noteworthy VNs we might have read in our time before, or since, our exposure to the great one (Obviously ML). So, without further ado, I suppose I'll get us started... A common trend I've noticed on the "How'd You First Get Into Muv Luv" thread is that alot of us got introduced to VNs via Fate/Stay Night. That one sorta seems to be the gateway drug for VN-culture.
  3. Light Novels

    I figure that, since I made a thread to discuss VNs, maybe probing around for LNs could spawn some decent conversation too. This is a field where I'm less informed than the other, having only been exposed to SAO, Accel World, Hataraku Maou-sama (Which to be honest, I've only watched the anime), HakoMari, and, my personal favorite/first LN, All You Need is Kill, which is an awesome Sci-Fi Military Action piece, and, unfortunately, adapted into a crappy Tom Cruise movie. Come on in and share your own experiences with LNs!