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  1. So I got my Backerkit and it has listed the options of all of the heroines available for the Daki. Is this all of them? Or will they add more characters? (I do recall they promised Total Eclipse Heroines, and they did announce Beatrix from Schwarzesmarken was highly voted for and might come out in the future) So I just wanted to confirm this before I confirm my pledge before the lockdown of course.
  2. Dakimakuras

    I'm looking into getting some pillows for my dakimakura, since I'm assuming it's just pillowcases. What size are they going to be?
  3. The pillowcases are 2-way tricot and fit full-length body pillows (dakimakura covers). 1. Sumika Kagami- Illustrated by Bou 2. Meiya Mitsurugi (Rough)- Illustrated by Bou 3. Kei Ayamine- Illustrated by Bou 4. Marimo Jinguuji (Rough)- Illustrated by Bou 5. Kasumi Yashiro- Illustrated byAizawa Kotaro 6. Mitsuki Hayase (Rough)- Illustrated by Bou 7. Haruko Kashiwagi - Illustrated by Himukai Kyousuke 8. Irisdina Bernhard - Illustrated by Azusa Maxima
  4. Daki covers finalized?

    3 of the characters (Meiya, Mitsuki, and Marimo)in the FAQ thread are still labelled as rough. I was just wondering if those are going to be finalized soon, or at the very least, confirmation that the designwon't change significantly from the images shown. I'm still weighing whom to choose as a second option, and having the final designs out would help.
  5. New dakimakura?

    I wanted to see what I'd chosen in my backerkit since I had everything already planned out when the questionnaires first got sent out, but since there's a new dakimakura, would I be able to look at my backerkit and see if I want to change my dakimakura?
  6. Dear Muv-Luv Team: According to the FAQ's latest update (January 12th), there's a new Beatrix dakimakura avalaible. (Impressive, by the way.) I wanted to upgrade my order, but when I went to BackerKit, the Dakimakura Add-On only lists the 8 models avalaible during the KS campaign. Are you going to update BackerKit to include Beatrix anytime soon? Or you did it already and this is a bug? Thank you.