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  1. Will we be sent a digital invoice for each shipment (as in one for the gift bag, one for the rest of the items)? The customs in my country require one, regardless of what is listed on the surface of the package. I noticed the following topic about the goods being priced at production costs. I assume the digital invoice will have the same amounts?
  2. Hello, What will be the declared value of the reward items, approximately? I pledged for the Superior Collection Type-C reward. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  3. Customs/Duty tax

    Hello people of Muv-Luv, I am having problems understanding how the customs tax can be 30-100%. As this would be classified as toy products and is for personal use, this shipment would not have duty taxes. And as Japan is a Most-Favoured-Nation, which means 'An MFN tariff is the lowest possibletariffa country can assess on another country'. Also if I go online to a tariff calculator, the most I'm getting is 13%??? BTW I live in canada, ontario. So is the Muv-Luv Team only talking about the USA people, or are there crazy add-ons because of the way they are shipping it? This says the HST for toy products for canada is 5%. Though I can't find a number for the PST, seems Ontario doesn't have that. From this it seems that tax rate for toys coming from Japan, I would be paying 5% tax on it. Maybe there is something I need to pay for going through the US? I don't understand where the 30-100% is D:. Though if it really is going to be 100% on teh 33%, I would really rather find a way to get money back D: sad though it is ;(.
  4. Hey guys, I'm not sure if it was outlined somewhere, butregarding the optionof shippingthe gift bags separately,what will be the declared value of the shipping parcel? I would like to know as I'dlike to prepare forcustoms taxes. Thanks in advance, and I hope to hear back soon.