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  1. Digital Downloads Missing?

    Heya, just needing some clarification. I backed the $150 tier and I was wondering if they digital downloads such as the soundtrack, art book and CODEX are available yet. I've already received my physicalrewards, but none of the digital ones aside from the games and the patches are listed on my digital downloads. Thanks!
  2. "Integral Works"is a 300+ page book containing detailed information about the world of Muv-Luv Alternative. It is a complete package of its own—Integral Works includes various short stories, illustrations and information regarding the creation of Mechas/Tactical Surface Fighters (TSFs), presentation of Anti-BETA tactical formations and military lore, and history of most of the nations involved in the series. You can find more information about Muv-Luv Integral Works here: A look at Integral Works: "Lunatic Dawn" is a series of fanbooks by âge-soft released exclusively atvarious events. They supplement existing lore with data on TSFs, design sketches, illustrations, comments, andMuv-Luv related updates. There are currently 10 books released so far. 'The Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX" is the official English version of Integral Works, updated with contents and artwork from Lunatic Dawn. The CODEX will beavailable in physical and digital format. The physical CODEX is a 21cm by 29.7cm fullcolor hardcover book with 400-500 glossy pages. It is also the fruit of achieving the final stretch goal,"Operation Cherry Blossom"last October 31, 2015. The digital CODEX is adigital lore browser with content from Lunatic Dawn and Integral Works in English.It is an official guide to the Muv-Luv world put together by the Muv-Luv team with never before seen content including images, lore, backstories, and more. More detailsabout this will be announced in the future.
  3. Hi! Will it be possible to add second physicalCODEX as add-on when you choose tier with codex e.g. 『Muv-Luv Alternative CODEX』? Thanks in advance for reply!