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  1. Muv Luv PC build

    So still a work in progress, maybe another 2 weeks and it will be complete just looking for some advice help anyway I felt like doing a pc build for the Muv luv US release to bring to this years Quakecon in Dallas. still have some cleanup (dusting a bit of clear coat touch up and buffing) but finished with the build. What i am a bit stuck on is the graphic. I have a wide format printer and will use a combo of water slide paper and for the big print thin vinyl then clear coat them on. here are my ideas so far. note though any graphic suggestions of course i do not want to steal or use copyright material so would be limited to press or game release pics Or any free to use although if it is a really good fit pic i do not mind paying the artist for use permission. for the top Fan cover use the muv luv and muv luv alternative logo For the big side panel i was thinking of the collector game box art of Sumikawithout the earth (problem is size panel is 16 x 16 max vinyl i can print is 13 x 19 also on the clear coat want to make sure i have enough around the graphic to secure it in) the window panel i been going back on forth on a small beta army or a mitsurugi pic. (5x8 area) then top part have no ideas other then logo or titles (2.5 x 16) front LCD i just grabed the muv luv logo although will need to clean it up was going to get rid of the white background and go with a black to blend better about the build really nothing to special basically is is a recase of my Lan party box. I added a playstation tv to the back and feed it to a Asus 4k for the PIP so i can see it. since game is being release in PC and Vita format though it would be cool to be able to play both . The ps tvis placed in my GFX cooling box . I can put specs and parts up when complete along with the clean pics. i went with a purple and blue theme on the colors.