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  1. Following yahoo's issues in Dec 2016, I'd changed my backerkit/kickstarter email and did not realize that this would present a future problem in receiving stuff I'd paid and pledged for (The $80 Physical Bundle + Codex). I've tried to message the Muv-Luv Team through kickstarter messages 3 times now (June 8, June 15, June 23 2017). I also tried messaging the account here on the forums on June 15 that they haven't read yet. Is there some other way to get help???
  2. Just in case you have problems with the 2 downloaded files from backerkit. You will notice these files might have a long name (that was assigned by backerkit). Something like this (note I your files might have a different name, In my case I changed the names a little): uploads_2F3bb5a777f6215253030a9d17XXXXXXXX_2FMuvLuv_DirectorsCut.z01 What you have to do is rename these files, to something like: DirectorsCut.z01 Then you will be able to unzip.
  3. I decide to get a PS Vita Port for my Digital Copy but now I want Android Port :c is it too late to change? I have send message to the kickstarter team like last month.. still no response
  4. I've been wondering, how long is the backer kit planned on being left open for? Has there been any word on that yet? I'd love to know even just a rough estimate since the more time I have the more likely I'd want to add more things to my pledge.
  5. Hey everyone Last March I backed Muv-luv $1, but decided to go all-in and backed the physical Vita version instead. However, I just checked the backed page on kickstarter and it states that I only paid the $1 for the Muv-luv page. Is that just a mistake? I got a digital code already, but what I'm concerned about is the Vita physical copy. I'm not familiar with kick-starter nor backerkits so if it's a common mistake/I missed something, please say so. I'm gonna wait for a little while longer since the Vita physical copies aren't even dated yet, but I'm still a bit anxious about it as I don't want to be locked out. Thank you for the help.
  6. Got an e-mail from Backerkit with subject "Your payment has failed for Muv Luv: A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Series. Please update!‏", Saying they could not charge me and asking to update my card info. I checked my bank account and I have more than enough money (yes, I didn't forget the 3% for international use and 1% of VAT) and I have used my card in the steam Sale, so it should work. I tried Updating the card info like BK asked me and then... Bk is clearly broken, or is some kind of Eldritch Abomination that Visa can't comprehend. Any idea of what can I do? Edit: My card doesn't have any restriction like the ones listed in the Stripe support.
  7. Hello, I've joined late and got added to the backerkit with a pledge of $0,00 In the Backerkit I added $161,00 for the PC collector's edition and update access as addons. Checking back on my backerkit ( shows that it hasn't been locked down yet, although I saw that it should have been - according to the news I've read in this forum. Also it seems that my credit card hasn't been charged yet. I've answered the survey, but didn't get any confirmation.
  8. I asked a question on FAQ with his email attached. He has the subject "Please add me to backer kit" as suggested so we're expecting an email any minute now. Seeing as how the ETA is the 9th we're both panicking it's too late.
  9. Can I update my answers to the questionary on the backerkit now? I want to switch the android copy to a digita psv copy and the take's pin badge to a signed box but i can't fine the option to update, can I still change it or I'm stuck with those answers?
  10. It was mentioned both on the forum in a couple of threads (like this one) that the lockdown date for the survey is tomorrow (3/7), but it looks as though it's locked down today (the 6th). Will it be possible if those of us who were trying to update today and have funds at the ready to be able to do so, since it is a little early?
  11. BackerKit Lock down Concerns

    As of December 2017, we no longer accept pledge changes, even platform changes for digital rewards. Backers can still email us at for personal BackerKit link recovery, updating primary email address and/or changing shipping country.
  12. Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked before. I heard that the uncensored "patch" will be available on the official website when it launches, but either the website is extremely hard to find or I'm stupid. Can someone post the link to it for me? Also, since they extended the Backerkit lockdown date for a week, does that mean I have until 3/7 to make my final decision (I'm still debating on getting upgrades)? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello, as we already know, When MuvLuv Kickstarter project reached $900,000 stretch goal, Everyone pledged $150 and above gets the digital CODEX and Kagami Sumika Figma. I've been missing the Kickstarter countdown in 2015. However MuvLuv has limited time BackerKit invitation that opens for onetwoweek only. If Ijoin that late BackerKit, especially the tier $150 and above, will I still get Kagami Sumika Figma? What about digital CODEX and Kickstarter limited artbook? Thanks
  14. Since Backerkit will be "locked down" at the end of this month, does this mean that we just can't change our rewards anymore, or do we need to have the funds ready when it "locks down"? I've heard both so I decided to ask here, since I recently decided to add more add-ons to my pledge, but won't have the funds until the first of next month. If it's the former, when is the date that we need to have our funds / get our cards charged, and what happens if there isnot enough money on the account?
  15. New dakimakura?

    I wanted to see what I'd chosen in my backerkit since I had everything already planned out when the questionnaires first got sent out, but since there's a new dakimakura, would I be able to look at my backerkit and see if I want to change my dakimakura?
  16. Hello. Asthey've updated the collector's box signing so that everyone gets it on glossy paper, does that mean whichever option I choose, signed box or signed mini-shikishi (what is this btw?) it does not matter as everyone will get the same thing? Also is there a deadline date to answer the survey as I can't find one anywhere. If I decide to confirm my choices now, would I be able to edit themlater? I'll be getting the $150 package if that makes any difference at all. Cheers.
  17. So as the header mentions. I backed on kickstarter for 150 pc tier. It says that I receive kickstarter special artbook. Question is i want to upgrade to 300 tier through backerkitfor the physical codex, plushie, and yuukos gift bag. Will I lose the kickstarter artbook. There isn't any mention of it and can't find a topic on this on here. Thank you
  18. Also, when does the campaign end? I really want to get the physical PS Vita copy but I unfortunately do not have the money at this time. Is the $1 pledge a "guarantee" to be able to upgrade my pledge later on? I'm not too familiar with BackerKit One last question: if I don't pledge, will the game be available for retail? Thank you for all the help!
  19. So I emailed the team about getting the game. They sent me back a working link to donate. I donated $1 and now I see the backerkit site. I'm at Add-ons but it says "There is nothing here." Do I have to wait a certain amount of time? All I want is a physical copy for Vita. Thanks for the help. EDIT: Nevermind. I had to Upgrade my Pledge. I signed up for a signed box Vita version + an extra Vita version for my collection. Thanks again!
  20. So I'm not exactly sure if this whole campaign is closed to new backers, but I clicked on the PayPal button and I get an error screen. The message reads " PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem." Have I missed out entirely, or is this PayPal issue that I've read about here still ongoing? I'd love to get in on this, but I don't appear to beableto now.
  21. Sorry if this is somewhere, I just can't find it. Thank you!
  22. TSF Pin Badge Design

    So any idea what the TSF Model Pins are going to look like? For the recordI already opted for my TSF Model Boxes to be signed but I know I can't be the only person who is curious about what the pin badge options are going tolook like so whenever that gets figured out it wouldbe great to see it on here
  23. Dear Muv-Luv Team: According to the FAQ's latest update (January 12th), there's a new Beatrix dakimakura avalaible. (Impressive, by the way.) I wanted to upgrade my order, but when I went to BackerKit, the Dakimakura Add-On only lists the 8 models avalaible during the KS campaign. Are you going to update BackerKit to include Beatrix anytime soon? Or you did it already and this is a bug? Thank you.
  24. I've been trying to increase my pledge using paypal, but when i click pay an error appears saying something like "this recipient cannot receive payments at this moment". A friend tried and got the same error.
  25. I adjusted everything in backerkit awhile ago when the codex was still available. I was told everything would resolve itself eventually but i'm becoming worried. 310$ total still hasn't been taking out of my bank but 155$ has. What does this mean and when will this be resolved and will i see 310$ pledged appear on my kickstarter account. I need the physical codex in my life, it's a must i gotta hold it and smell the pages. Degica hold me and tell me everything's alright.ptsd intensifies