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  1. Hello, Who are your top 3 favorite Muv Luv characters? By Muv Luv, I don't only mean Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative but also Muv Luv Total Eclipse, Schwarzesmarken, Chronicles etc...Anything thing taking place in the Muv Luv universe. By characters I'm including male and female. This is not only a waifu thread. Also, as you can see I didn't make a poll. That's because there are too many choices. I will update myself every page the results. After I get a general idea of the most popular characters, I might make a new poll. IMPORTANT: Do not spoil anything. You can say why you like a character, but you cannot spoil what happened to this character or what this character did. You might only describe its appearance and personality. You don't have to give a reason too. Thank you for your comprehension. Then I begin : 1) Takaramura Yui (Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse) 2) Shirogane Takeru (Muv Luv Alternative) 3)Bernhard Irisdina (Muv Luv Scharzesmarken) Global results (January 14 2017) Shirogane Takeru — 7 votes Jinguuji Marimo — 5 votes Kouzuki Yuuko — 5 votes Mitsurugi Meiya — 5 votes Mitsuki Hayase — 4 votes Takamura Yui — 3 votes Yoroi Mikoto — 3 votes Ayamine Kei — 2 votes Kagami Sumika — 2 votes Tatsunami Hibiki — 2 votes Bernhard Irisdina — 1 vote Gerhard von Ralerstein — 1 vote Tsukuyomi Mana — 1 vote Sandek Jerzy — 1 vote Hohenstein Lise — 1 vote Beatrix Brehme — 1 vote Isumi Michiru — 1 vote Sendou Yuzuka — 1 vote Cryska Barchenowa — 1 vote Inia Sestina — 1 vote Who voted (October 3 2016) Haloff1 Takamura Yui // Shirogane Takeru // Bernhard Irisdina tBanzai Jinguuji Marimo // Yoroi Mikoto // Kouzuki Yuuko Light02 Jinguuji Marimo// Ayamine Kei // Kouzuki Yuuko Jawer Mitsuki Hayase // Shirogane Takeru// Gerhard von Ralerstein jmaisonet Tatsunami Hibiki // Jinguuji Marimo// Tsukuyomi Mana Tits_Mcgruff Shirogane Takeru // Kagami Sumika // Ayamine Kei DrunkMitsuki Mitsuki Hayase invalidname Shirogane Takeru // Mitsuki Hayase // Sandek Jerzy iamhowie Hohenstein Lise // Beatrix Brehme // Takamura Yui Rengo Shirogane Takeru // Kouzuki Yuuko // Tie so doesn't count FaceEater Jinguuji Marimo// Kagami Sumika // Isumi Michiru StormVanguard Shirogane Takeru // Mitsurugi Meiya // Kouzuki Yuuko rlranft Jinguuji Marimo // Mitsurugi Meiya // Takamura Yui Blessel Shirogane Takeru // Mitsurugi Meiya // Yoroi Mikoto indie_indigo Mitsurugi Meiya // Mitsuki Hayase // Kouzuki Yuuko CaptainManboobs Yoroi Mikoto shinnarika Sendou Yuzuka // Tatsunami Hibiki // Takamura Yui Heke89 Cryska Barchenowa // Inia Sestina // Mitsurugi Meiya