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  1. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel? you mean Galaxy Angel? I haven't read those yet, though I have a friend that enjoyed them. Maybe i'll take a look at some point. You've gotta love SnK though. Have you read G-Senjou no Maou?
  2. I've already donated to a friend's Extra Life campaign, but good luck Hirei! I took part last year and was nearly run over while walking home to following morning >.<
  3. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Well, he's had a recent update now and two posters backing him, so i'll add him to the top post.
  4. Valthirian Arc KS

    I had a look at that earlier and it does look pretty interesting. Shame the KS is trending the way it is...
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    I'm pretty wary of efforts to dub nowadays. It's true that there are some fantastic examples of dubbing out there (I mean, something of Baccano's quality would be fantastic) but for me personally the reality is that i'd stick with the sub anyway because that's what I first played Muv Luv with. I suspect that many backers would do the same. Would it be worth doing to spread Muv Luv to a wider audience? I'm leaning towards arguing that the people who would play Muv Luv only if it were dubbed would be relatively small but that's just a guess on my part. It may make it slightly more accessible, I suppose, though again i'm worried about the quality and loss of meaning given that there are some features that don't really work or might even be annoyingin English (let's be honest, there are several exclusively Japanese patterns of speech that canbe incredibly endearing that would have you tearing your hair out in frustration if an equivalent character were saying them or something similar in English). I'm not saying I doubt the team's ability to produce a decent dub...just that it's tough for anyone that tries their hand at it. In conclusion, I suppose I recognize the desire for a dub as legitimate without wanting to support it myself. I really want to see more Muv Luv content translated!
  6. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Maybe now's the time to start posting again! I didn't have any trouble with ads, though Iamrunning adblocker.
  7. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel?

    Haven't played Swan Song, but Kira Kira is a lot offun (currently struggling through it in Japanese) along with Deardrops and Kara no Shoujo is also quite good. Hopefully Cartagra and the sequel can live up to it.
  8. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel?

    If I had to pick a top 5 it'd be something like: 1 - Muv Luv Alternative 2 - G-Senjou no Maou 3 - Fate/Stay Night 4 - Sharin no Kuni 5 - Danganronpa If anyone's interested in my other picks, I have a list here. Of the others suggested...well, some posters may hate me for these opinions. Not meaning to insult anyone's taste here, this is just how I personally felt about the titles listed. Steins;Gate - Decent, sure, but certainly didn't live up to its hype. A long lead-up culminated in a few very good scenes, a few okay ones and a let-down overall. Tsukihime - A visual novel that really shows its age. I won't bag on the art because F/SN certainly isn't a looker, but the writing itself and the scope of its various routes didn't do much to wow me. I enjoy it mainly for its contribution to Carnival Phantasm. Grisaia - It has some great ideas but ultimately everything it does has been done before and done better. The common route is far too long and the character routeslack the emotional impact they had the potential to have. Katawa Shoujo - One of the best OELVNs out there, but compared to its Japanese cousins it doesn't have the staying power to reach my top five, or even ten. Saya no Uta - I'm all for shock factor (Corpse Party was pretty darned good) but not when it comes at the expense of story potential. Umineko - Had some fantastic early chapters despite some pacing issues but lost its way in its second half. Dropped the characters its audience cared about for new faces without as much impact and generally got weird (and not in a good way). Chaos;Head - Borderline incomprehensible character motivations and actions as well as a story that simply doesn't seem to have any purpose. Remember11 - Actually quite good, despite being unfinished. It's not in my top five but it does make my list. Higurashi - This is one that I just didn't mesh with. The supernatural stuff was fantastic while it lasted but repeatedly stepping on the brakes for each new chapter so that extra long slice of life portions could be inserted didn't make for an entertaining read. Utawarerumono - Good, in my top ten probably. Rewrite - Disappointing writing quality for the majority of its routes and a ridiculously long common route. Far less funny than it thinks it is. Kamidori - Decent gameplay, average story. Enjoyable despite approaching nukige territory. Majikoi - Was alright. Pretty poor combat writing and general over-the-top-ness made it hard to take it seriously, especially when it was trying to be serious. Ever17 - Fantastic ending concept but not worth sitting through the rest of the novel. Little Busters! - On my list, but I need to have another read of it because whenever I think back to when I played it I can't remember really enjoying anything but the final route. Symphonic Rain - Really very good. Only just misses out on the top 5. Demonbane - Mostly a jumble of hypersexualized nonsense that has a reference or two (okay, quite a few of them). to various mythological tales that don't do anything to cover up its inconsistencies. Dengeki Stryker - Fantastically fun to read. A little shallow, perhaps, but presented well and probably in my top ten. If I haven't mentioned anything I haven't played it.
  9. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Updated blogs added ^_^
  10. Part of the ending certainly brought a tear or two to my eyes. After it all i'm pretty sure I saluted the screen (it's a habit, what can I say? XD) and then just stared as the credits rolled. Didn't play anything new for a while after that, had Post Plot Depression pretty bad.
  11. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Changes made. Didn't add anything without an update for over a month or that didn't post on visual novels regularly. I'll stick to blogs with articles for now Jaj, but if anything else like your page pops up i'll add another section to the main post.
  12. International Eishi Roster

    Yeah, I hear ya about those rates. You have it ever so slightly better than us on that account XD
  13. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Added. Had to guess at the topics and such so if anyone knows better don't hesitate to correct me!
  14. Hey ML team, I don't suppose it's possible to enable unlimited editing on posts? I was intending to write up an index of VN bloggers but i've just discovered that I don't seem to be able to edit the post.

    If i've missed the button somewhere let me know and i'll take another look =)

    1. Silvachief


      The button has mysteriously appeared again, so thank you very much!

    2. The Muv-Luv Team
  15. "Achieve your mission with all your might.

    Despair not till your last breath.

    Make your death count."