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  1. Anime Expo 2016

    It's a thing of beauty @HYuy I assure you.
  2. Anime Expo 2016

    Tweeted all my pictures of the gathering now.Lots of excellent stuff. We'll probably have some sort of wrap up post on AniTAY in the near future.
  3. Anime Central 2016

    A few other shots from the panel that AniTAY has.
  4. Anime Expo 2016

    AniTAY will be all over Anime Expo as well.
  5. Anime Central 2016

    Hope to see you all there!
  6. International Eishi Roster

    Dex United States of America Inflict- I mean give new fans a interesting experiences that in no way causes myMuv-Luvsadism to be sated Lots of time and money.
  7. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    My story is a chronicle of its own that required several very-specific events to happen in just such a way. So bear with me, as it really doesn't seem to matter at the beginning. I was an anime fan for years, starting at the beginning of the millennium. Around 2008, I decided to quit the obsession and refocus elsewhere. In 2013, I hit a rough patch during University and decided that I'd get back into anime again. I started an anime marathon on Kotaku's small community site to catch up on everything I'd missed over time. I watched a lot of anime during that time, including the second season of Valvrave the Liberator. I'd started watching Valvrave early in the marathon and I really enjoyed its insane campiness. Anyway, I decided to watch Code Geass (keep in mind that Valvrave and Code Geass were written by the same guy),and sometime around December 2013, I watch Code Geass' particularly cringe-worthy (in a good, painful-to-watch way) episode ~22-23. I decided to watch Valvrave's episode immediately after that for a healthy dose of over-the-top camp. I quickly learned that this particular episode of Valvrave was the thematic equivalent of what I just tried to walk away from. I finished the episode and was in a rough mental state, so I did the sensible thing and went into a chatroom I knew pretty well and asked openly for something else to watch. Some guy that I don't know immediately said, "You should watch Total Eclipse". And thus, I did. It was nice, but it seemed poorly balanced. Just a few weeks later, this guy named Rockmandash showed up on TAY and started doing visual novel reviews, a medium I'd only dabbled in a bit. Due to the timing of his arrival, I decided that I should branch out more and get interested in VNs to engage more with his posts. As a result, I picked Muv-Luv to be my first foray into VNs properly. So, by all this logic, Valvrave is what caused me to trigger theMuv-Luvtakeover of TAY and AniTAY.
  8. Your personal Muv-Luv experience.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I actually would find it interesting to know how many people here were aware of AniTAY's ongoing coverage.
  9. Your personal Muv-Luv experience.

    Must've been us.
  10. 300k $ surplus theories

    I'd prefer they keep it and use it as an emergency fund. They're giving us a lot of value on multiple tiers, I'd like to make sure that they are able to fulfill everything in a timely manner.
  11. I asked this on Twitternot long backand it makes sense to do so here too. I'm doing one last piece for Ani-TAY during the Kickstarter and I want to know, what exactly does Muv-Luv mean to you? Question is open-ended, so approach it any way you want.