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  1. Collector's Corner

    @shinnarika I'm sorry for replying so late, but yes, those are Next Answer artbooks. Volume 1 does have around 7 images of Yuzuka. Volume 2 has less than 5 pictures of herif I remember correctly.
  2. Collector's Corner

    Got some new items into my collection during these last few months. Image quality still as bad as last time I posted here. Sorry about that. Schwarzesmarken: Martyrs and Muv-Luv Supplement Limited Editions. Took me long enough to get Supplement, since its been on my list for few years already. Next Answer artbooks and last two Cross Operation volumes here too. That ML Official Comic Anthology book was a nice surprise purchase. Hassome nice art in there, especially about Meiya. That Lise card came with SM Martyrs. Still not figured out why those trading cards cost so much individually. Seen that same card go for 8k yen at some places. Also, Meiya card with her seiyuus signature, which is most likely stamped one sadly. Finding a real one might prove to be a quite challenge. Two new tapestries. Very happy that I got Yuuhi one finally. I had my chance to get it earlier, but someone was faster. Serves me right for hesitating with my purchase I guess. Finally, got this very nice prepainted statue of Takemikazuchi 00R. It is pretty tall, 21 centimeters,compared to Koto kits or A3 models like my comparison picture shows. It has lot of weight too. Comes with metal base, which I don't use.I have seen this same model as garage kit pretty often and in some rare cases thislimited run of prepainted ones. Apparently Volks only made 300 pieces of these or something. Strangely it doesnt come with jump units. Only things that need to be glued on it are those antenna/horn thingies on its head, which I didnt put on it in case I need to put it back in its box.
  3. Muv-Luv Fanart Doodles

    @shinnarika I don't know much about digital drawing, but its hard to believe you are just learning about it. Those look really great.
  4. Collector's Corner

    @KJO Nice collection. While I'm not a fan of Muv-Luv swimsuit/underwear figures, they look rather nice in your Detolf. All that signed stuff and especially hand drawn sketches are very impressive collectibles in my eyesthough. I always feel jealous when I see someone own Meiya sketch like the one you have.
  5. Been playing it a bit now. Definitely better ML gamethan Next Answer which I used to play before this. Game is still suffering from bugs ranging from random disconnects, stamina not showing like it should or friendlist being bugged among other things.Gameplay itself has its issues too, like TSF's getting stuck into walls.Yesterday dev teamimproved the game by adding +20 stamina for everyone and lowering stamina recharge from 5 minutes to 3. Current Minori event is kinda bare bones, so I'm hoping for future events having more story content in them too and not just few missions and special cards to get. Well, even with my complaints, I've enjoyed this game. I'll think about adding people to my friendlist when its possible, since currently game does not let me add more than 20 people. Might as well post my current pilot cards. My only worthwhile TSF's right now are SSR SU-47E and XFJ-01a While I don't need translations for gameplay mechanics and such, I'm still looking forward to translation of main story and such. I wish you luck with that and I hope you get the help you need with it.
  6. Had the same problem with Chrome browser. Loading tutorial battle got stuck at 44%. Switching to Firefox browser fixed this and game plays fine now. Game asks you to install that Unity thing on Firefox before that though. Thisseems to be beta test of some kind, so everything we achieve might get erased when beta ends.
  7. Collector's Corner

    @David How complete? I can't really say. At one point I thought I'dconsider my collection "complete" when I finally acquirecertain Meiya figures. Well, I have now gottenthe ones I wanted most and here I am, still looking for more itemsto add into my collection. There are still plenty of TSF models out there, not to mention some great looking garage kits. ButI guess this collection is never really complete. As for the cost, I don't know. I've never bothered to calculatehow much all that has cost to me. Quite a lot I think. For example, that 1/4 scale Meiya,was the most expensive one and that alone cost me 47k yen with shipping included. Thats around 400€ or $450 after conversion. Finnish customs also decided to put nice 24% tax rape on the top of that sum too.
  8. Collector's Corner

    @Ikaruga Thank you. You have very impressive collection too from what I've seen. And I share your problem with space and size constraints, but in my case with TSF models mostly. I would really much like to collect all VolksA3 models out there, but right now I just don't have enough space for them. It would be a shame to just store them in their boxes and I'm already doing that mistake with some of my models. @HYuy Thank you. And looks likeJawer already answered your question there. Looking at your collection, that Meiya shikishi you have is already enough to make me jealous. I had my chance to get one from Kickstarter, but I ended up choosing the pledge with A-10 model. You guys are lucky to have conventions where you can meet people like Koukiand get shikishis and autographs from them too. I don't see that happening over here ever.
  9. Gotten lucky with my rolls it seems. Didn't get Takemikazuchi 00R from first gacha, but I'm fine with this too.
  10. Collector's Corner

    I think it was about time I take some updated photos of my collection after all these years. Since the camera and the photographer himself were quite bad, these pictures didn't really turn out as I hoped, but at least they are taken now. Starting off with the most important part of my collection. Well, what can I say? I need more Meiya in my life. I guess I need to start looking for garage kits of her next. I should get a new glass shelf for the rest of my figures later this year, so I can finally take them out. If someone wonders where are all those swimsuit and underwear Muv-Luv figures, all I can say that those will never have a place in my collection. Fortified suits and military uniforms are my thing when it comes to any figures, even more so with Muv-Luv. There are some exceptions like that Yui and Kasumi though. With swimsuits/underwear, I'd make exception with Meiya. Most of my books and games plus two soundtracks. I had to dig around to find some stuff, since there were some duplicates like Chronicles 01 lying around without First Press edition box. Still need to buy Schwarzesmarken, Supplement and PC version of Total Eclipse when I just get around to it. Stuff that I still havent bothered to assemble/paint or unbox. Two nice garage kits too, MiG-23 and MiG-27. Cryska figma too, since she missed earlier picture. Rest of my stuff with some Lunatic Dawn books and others. Also, I can't pose my TSF's or figmas at all. Getting that F-4J Gekishit with shield to stand without collapsing was huge pain in the ass. Would also like put all those Ultimate Character figures in some shelf, but currently most of them can just sit in their boxes and wait for that new shelf. My pictures are also missing some stuff, which I didnt bother putting in picture this time, like Cryska B2 cloth wallscroll and quite a few Muv-Luv fanbooks or whatever they are called. Still looking for Beatrix wallscroll too, since all I got was that Irisdina. Hopefully there are some nice Schwarzesmarken figures announced in Wonfes, which is starting in few hours apparently. I'd prefer more Meiya though.
  11. Rolling pre gacha too. Got myself SR Fubuki right now. I probably wouldnt even had bothered with this gacha, if they werent offering Meiya SSR for "free" after 150 rolls. Can't say no to that. I need more Meiya in my life. I hope that twitter roll count will be taken away tomorrow or something. Its buggy as hell.
  12. Digital invoice?

    Got my gift bag last friday and it surprisingly went past customs. I hope you got your email. I was afraid that similar thing might happen with my bag. Also, I hope Muv-Luv Team notices that there are people in Kickstarter page comment section with similar problems with customs.
  13. Digital invoice?

    Would like to know this as well. Sending PM to admins might help out too though. Still waiting notification of my shipment. Friend of mine from another country outside US received his bag today and its value was marked under 2000 yen apparently.
  14. There are few sites floating around about that event: Doesn't look all that impressive to me at its current state, more like atech demo or whatever those are called. Well, I'm gonna wait some english news about this, since Muv-Luv Team said they share more with us about the event. Maybe this evolve into something more interesting than it looks right now.
  15. Digital invoice?

    Its pretty much what DarkMoS just said. Probably would be possible to ask for this invoice from Tokyo Otaku Mode only in that case if giftbags gets stuck in customs, since there isa fair chance it goes through just fine. I don't know how many countries in Europe share this similar customs thing, but I'm fairly sure its a problem for most European Union member states. Well, I hope this digital invoice matter doesn't involve too much extra work for you guys. I only wish all this customs work and such would be as simple for us consumers here as it is in United States.