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  1. Hi Takeru, Can you tell me his email in pm? I'll email his personal BackerKitlink. Cheers, Jason
  2. Hi DasHurz, Thanks for backing our campaign! Please kindly pm me the email you used for BackerKit so I can assist you further. Your forum email doesn't matchany of our records.
  3. @Megazone, the early gift bags were already senta few months ago--a survey question has to be answered to get the early gift bag SKU, and your order didn't seem to have it, sorry! The rest of the backers' gift bags,including yours, will be delivered together with the main goods.
  4. [Resolved] Backer kit problems

    Hi Cevine, Which physical version ortier do you want to upgrade to?
  5. Package returned to sender

    Hi BlueEclipse -- We can't handle shipping at this point in time. All gift bags which were returned can be only delivered manually, and we lack manpower on that department at the moment. We'll let you know once we resolved the manpower issue, and see if we can still redeliver the gift bags without having us spendmore than the actual backers' pledge.
  6. Yuuko's Gift Bag Invoice Details for Customs

    Here's our invoice template: But you still need to email us at to get your order ID. TOM finally provided them, and we've responded to allemails concerning gift bags.
  7. Yuuko's Gift Bag Item Description and Value: Gift Bag -- $1.04 / 0.91€ Wall Scroll -- $5.88 / 5.17€ Medallion --$2.85 / 2.51€ 3x Patches -- $5.98 /5.26€ 2x Button Badges -- $0.25 / 0.22€ 5x Post Cards -- $0.25 / 0.22€ Stickers (2 sheets + 3 large) -- $0.25 / 0.22€ TOTAL OF 16.50 USD /14.53€
  8. Digital invoice?

    Helloeveryone, you can find details of the invoice here:
  9. Digital invoice?

    Communications are a little bit problematic as we weren't informed that the gift bags for outside the US were sent out already. We asked TOM to provide us a table/excel of backers withtheir respective invoice IDs to sort this issue out, andmay hear from them anytime soon. We're very sorry forthe inconvenience!
  10. Missing Medallion and Buttons

    If there's anything missing, we'll be including them with the rest of the items/main delivery. We're sorry for the inconvenience!
  11. Hi FaceEater, there's an all-ages version of it
  12. Have The Yuuko Gift Bags Been Sent Out Yet?

    Hi there, we actually picked the latestgift bag data (with pledge totals higher than $49)as that would make the most sense. If you've canceled itbefore then, you wouldn't receive any.
  13. The remaining people who emailed us will be receivinginvitations so I think that alone should be enough
  14. Address Change

    Hello there, you should change your address throughBackerKit -- it's wouldn't be finalized until the goods are ready to be shipped.
  15. Backerkit information

    Hey there,I've updated your answers in BackerKit as requested. You can check/confirm on your end if everything looks good
  16. The early gift bags has been sent out! :) Thanks to Hirei for preparing it all.

  17. How to get Vita physical copy?

    Hello, I've answered this in another thread - If you've emailed us already and weconfirmed the extra items, we'll add thefinal batch of backers to Backer Kit.
  18. Hey everyone, so we just realized there was a miscommunication here. The staff-in-charge was apparently in an alternate universe and mistaken February with March--it was a typo!Nobody in the team pointed this error and probably thought it was agreed upon with@MitchellWe're terribly sorry for the confusion! D; March 7 was the deadline, and we're no longer reopeningBackerKit invitations again (all invitations since March 5were ignored). We will just reopen limited tiers to existing Backers which aren't locked down/charged yet. We will see however if we have way too much amount of items, and add everyone who emailed us so far, but that will be the final chance and there will beno specific date for it.
  19. Our next update will be huge!!

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      I just wish we knew a more concrete date. I´m getting really impatient to know what awesome stuff will be announced *^*

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